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Maple, Yes Another One

I just received a notice in my in-box from the government of Manitoba: “MAPLE is an online professional learning environment that will link teachers from across the province and allow them to access the latest curriculum, share learning resources and … Continue reading

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M$ Denigrates Hackers

From M$’s latest 10-Q: “Hackers develop and deploy viruses, worms, and other malicious software programs that attack our products and services and gain access to our networks and data centers. Groups of hackers may also act in a coordinated manner … Continue reading

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Linux Default File-Caching Tune-up

Recently Linus and friends focused on a throwback to the age of small RAM PCs, file-caching was managed according to a percentage of RAM. This caused huge files to be cached on writes, clogging up the I/O system. I have … Continue reading

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