The World Of IT Clients Is Spinning Faster Than Ever

Chuckle. While M$ creates machinations that take years to fulfil, Digitimes is reporting that product life-cycles (in the manufacturer’s side) have been cut in half this year, now being just three months. Meanwhile, in EMEA, shipments of legacy PCs still drops although a bit slower than last quarter, according to IDC. According to IDC, the top 10 OEMs in units shipped to EMEA was

1 HP
2 Lenovo
3 Acer
4 Dell
6 Apple
7 Toshiba
8 Samsung
10 Fujitsu

. Meanwhile, tablets are getting smaller and larger as OEMs try to meet every need. MediaTek is preparing to unleash an 8-core ARMed CPU for smartphones. They aren’t toys anymore. The only uses for 8 cores are parallel processing of huge data and multiple simultaneous tasks like we are used to on desktops… According to IDC, thin clients make up 96% of enterprise clients and GNU/Linux runs on 25% of those. Zero clients with no OS are 24%… Shipments of thin clients grew 7.4% last quarter.

The world of IT clients is changing far more rapidly than Wintel can manage thanks to a diverse ecosystem fuelled by FLOSS. OEMs don’t need to wait on Intel or M$ to create the next big thing. They just do it. It’s all good, good for OEMs who can compete fairly and Good for consumers who finally have real choice. This is the year Wintel became just another player, no longer a monopoly.

UPDATE Gartner has some amazing statistics. They predict for 2013 that 2.3 billion PCs of all kinds will ship but only 321 million will be desktops and notebooks.

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3 Responses to The World Of IT Clients Is Spinning Faster Than Ever

  1. Joe wrote, ” At a McDonalds of all places.”

    Hey! That’s like a rare bird sighting. I think McD also used GNU/Linux in their ordering system. I must admit I have never seen a GNU/Linux system walking around in the wild that I did not install. I hope that changes soon. No problem finding Android/Linux systems though.

  2. Joe says:


    Ditto. I’ve actually seen someone use a System76 machine in the wild a few days ago. Not in some kind of hackerspace or nerd hangout. At a McDonalds of all places.

  3. dougman says:

    You omitted an important detail, concerning M$.

    M$ creates machinations that take years to fulfill, that never sell AND NO ONE ever wants.

    I have YET to see a Surface, RT or Windows Phone in the wild.

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