HAHAHA! 8.1 Requires Every Sucker On The Planet To Download Gigabytes!

On Dial-up? Out in the boonies somewhere? Wireless? How long will it take you to “upgrade” to “8.1” if you have been so foolish as to buy a PC with “8”? Got five PCs in the house? Download five times! Enjoy!

“The Windows Store is the only way for consumers (non-enterprise, non-IT Pro) to download and install Windows 8.1. No ISOs will be made available, so each device needs to be updated individually via the Windows Store.”

see Windows 8.1: What YOU must know before you upgrade.

I can imagine some of the schools where I worked running “Home” versions needing to download 3.6gB 50+ times just to get back to a “start” menu. It would be much easier to switch one machine to Debian GNU/Linux, perhaps just 2 gB of downloads, and copy hard drives. The licence allows that and GNU/Linux provides tools like dd, debian-installer and CloneZilla. How limited, small, tight, uncomfortable is the burden of that other OS on ordinary people. GNU/Linux will work for you just as it will work for IT-pros. No need to fly third class.

To give GNU/Linux a go, visit Goodbye-Microsoft.com or download an .ISO file to make a bootable CD or flashdrive. It’s easy to use a real operating system and applications rather than a sales-gimmick.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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13 Responses to HAHAHA! 8.1 Requires Every Sucker On The Planet To Download Gigabytes!

  1. dougman says:

    I think it stems from willful ignorance; could the government subsidize and roll-out gigabit speeds across the entire country? Of course, but in doing so, it risks waking and educating the population, the powers that be want a ignorant, conrolled and uneducated society.

    In Finland, the Internet is a ‘legal right’ along with a few others: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_access#Access_as_a_civil_or_human_right

  2. Kevin Lynch says:

    Why is a decent web connection seemingly such a rarity in the USA. Where the Internet was invented?

  3. dougman says:

    “Six days after the free Windows 8.1/Windows RT 8.1 updates were released, Microsoft still hasn’t solved any of the problems that Windows 8 and Windows RT users have encountered when trying to apply them, and the Windows RT 8.1 update that the company yanked hasn’t magically reappeared. But there’s been a little bit of progress, including an official Microsoft blessing bestowed on a DOS command-line hack first developed by blogger Scott Williams.

    Here’s where things stand early Tuesday morning.

    Yesterday, with very little fanfare, Microsoft released a Surface RT 8.0 recovery image, for North America only. For those with bricked North American Surface RT systems, the recovery image is good enough to let you boot into a DOS command prompt. Once you get to the prompt during the boot cycle, there’s a series of eight commands you have to type into your Surface RT, to fix the file that was nuked by the Windows RT 8.1 online update. Microsoft has published a “simple” 17-step procedure for using the recovery image to fix your system and get RT 8.1 to work. Computer science degree not required, but it wouldn’t hurt.”


    Imagine that, consumers ACTUALLY typing in the command-line, in Windows, the travesty. Linux users been doing that since day one.

  4. dougman says:

    This story reminds me of the Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth incident, that made snide comments to consumers regarding the ‘always online’ feature.


    Immediately afterwards, M$ apologizes for his statement and he resigned….LOL



    The point of even mentioning this, is the fact that M$ understands and knew, or should have known, that the majority of people do not have a a decent enough connect to sustain such a feature, let alone a 3.5GB file download, but in a infinity of stupidity decided to let it roll anyways. I would gesture to say that this is the outcome of divisions within M$ not communicating.

    The recent 8.1 upgrade has bricked RT devices due to boot corruption, so M$ pulled those updates.




    Also systems already updated to 8.1 after waiting day or even hours to download and install, are having problems to with WiFi disconnections.



    Does not bode well for M$.

  5. ram says:

    Looks like they believed their own propaganda!

    Yes, much of the world now has “Internet access”, however, the vast majority of those connections are dog slow. Even so called “broadband” in most places is in the hundreds of kBits/sec range. Much too slow for reliable GB downloads.

  6. oiaohm says:

    Ivan the big difference is if you are willing to go by the point releases you can order physical media with debian and most other Major Linux Distrobutions in areas of poor downloads.

    Poor suckers with WIndows 8.1 upgrade is they don’t have the option of physical media.

    When I was on dialup I mostly did not update my Linux all the time. Even some areas are still working.

    Yonah example over Resident Evil 6 and steam needs to remember something. With steam downloading that 16 Gb again is not required for a second machine using the same steam account.

    Steams backup and restore features.

    Yonah how many machines do you have. 3.5 x how many. This is the big problem with Windows 8.1 upgrade. The fact it not going to scale well.

  7. Ivan griped about Debian GNU/Linux updates at dial-up speed: “Every kernel update, which happens once a month, more when they fuck it up, takes over an hour.”

    When I last used dial-up, I got a MB every 3 minutes, less than 7KB/s, so Ivan’s numbers are reasonable. Expecting to update a modern software system by dial-up is not. Typically, people with that problem I advise to invite themselves over to a properly networked friend to do the downloads or to have a CD/flashdrive mailed. OTH, M$ is asking gBs to put back the “start” menu… My Beast is insanely complex with 2805 packages listed. Averaging a MB, that is about 3gB to do the whole thing. A point update of Debian will not upgrade every package, but some fraction, so it’s not anywhere in the ballpark of M$’s burden on users. Another factor is that according to the GPL, etc, I can download once and install many times while M$ offers that only to users of WSUS ordinarily and for 8.1, not at all. That’s the rub that if I had 100PCs, I would need to download the crap a hundred times, off-scale by any measure. If there are indeed 150 million “8” PCs out there downloading gigabytes to please M$, they are really squandering their Internet connections for a long time.

  8. Ivan says:

    Nice way to lie about Debian’s download size, Bob. Every point release of stable brings with it at least one five hour download session at dialup speeds. Every kernel update, which happens once a month, more when they fuck it up, takes over an hour.

  9. AdmFubar says:

    sounds like m$ has some $ invested in telecom stocks. gotta get some cash flow anyway they can

  10. matchrocket says:

    Does Firefox have a resume feature? I would certainly hope so by now but I’m not going to waste my time testing it out. I can simply drag and drop from Firefox (or any browser I presume) to my file manager (usually Dolphin). If the transfer gets broken for any reason I can drag and drop again and it will pick up from where it was. Simple. The underlying process is wget. I could use it from the command line but it’s easier to drag and drop.

  11. Yonah says:

    Windows 8.1 brings back the Start Button, not the Start Menu, but that’s OK because the Start Screen will grow on people over time. I think this should have been distributed as a service pack, but oh well. A few weeks ago I downloaded Resident Evil 6 via Steam. That was 16 gigabytes, so I’m not going to sweat a 3.5 gig download. Best Resident Evil game yet, by the way.

    Does Firefox not have a resume feature? I haven’t used it in about 10 years, but it seems like it would have had that for awhile.

  12. matchrocket says:

    Can you imagine some people using the download manager in Firefox. One glitch and you have to start all over again.

  13. dougman says:

    3.5GB for an update? WOW, ‘8’ is a bloated POS.

    Upgrades, upon upgrades, upon update on top of updates with multiple reboots between each change.

    “Certainly in my case, a while was a whole LOT shorter than the download time! It took 30 minutes (5% of the download time), along with 3 reboots, on an Intel i7-3440K 16G RAM machine. After the third reboot I was politely informed that windows was “Setting up a few more things” – how many more “things” are there other than devices and the PC itself? Oh maybe they mean the registry – that must be it. One never ceases to wonder.”

    “The entire XP OS fit onto a single CD yet now just to get a few enhancements you have to download 3.5GB and on every PC if you own more than one.”

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