More Than 20 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Linux!

Date Article
2013 “Leading business houses, educational institutions and governmental agencies across the globe are shifting their operating systems to Linux from proprietary. Similarly, they are switching over their application programs from commercial software to open source software. finds out top 20 reasons why it makes sense to convert to Linux”
2012 “10 Reasons to Switch to Linux in 2012: It’s Diverse, It’s Customizable, It’s Open Source, It’s Free ($0), It’s Reliable, It’s Fast, It’s Secure, It’s Well-Supported, It’s Always Improving, It’s Compatible”
2010 “20 reasons you should switch to Linux
Why it’s time for you to ditch Windows and OS X”
2005 “10 Reasons to Switch to Linux: It doesn’t crash, Viruses Are Few and Far Between, Virtually Hardware-Independent, Freedom of Choice, Standards, Applications, Applications, Applications, Interoperability, It’s a Community Relationship, Not a Customer Relationship, It’s Not How Big Your Processor Is…, Linux Is Configurable”

The times may change and the reasons may change but GNU/Linux and FLOSS have been widely accepted as the right way to do IT. I like it for cost and flexibility. Others do as well but they may have other priorities like security. It all works because FLOSS is designed by people who care for users rather than making a quick dollar above all. The essence of FLOSS is that it gives the users permission to examine, run, modify and distribute software with a licence accompanying the software. That’s perfect for end-users, developers, OEMs, folks running servers and databases and clusters, … everyone, including you. If you haven’t tried FLOSS yet, take a look at your Android/Linux smartphone (yes, Android/Linux is FLOSS) or visit Debian to check out GNU/Linux. Don’t worry if your friends have not taken up FLOSS yet. Someone has to be first everywhere and it might as well be you who reaps the benefits first. Don’t forget to share your experience.

Watch a whole nation migrate to GNU/Linux from that other OS:

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  1. That_Exploit_Guy says:

    Linux will one day overtake Windoze. The world will be a better place with quality free software that doesn’t treat you like a criminal.

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