M$ Tries To Kill XP While Google Gives It Oxygen ;-)

Ever helpful, Google has promised to keep Chrome browser for XP alive for another year after M$ stops updates…
“In a rather shrewd move, Google has said it will continue to provide Chrome updates for Windows XP users for at least a year after Microsoft stops supporting the elderly OS next April.”

see Windows XP folks: Hey, Google Chrome loves you … until 2015.

Is this another nail in the Wintel coffin as M$ tries to keep hundreds of millions plodding on the Wintel treadmill? Folks who live with XP are going to be more ready than ever to switch to GNU/Linux or some other */Linux as such migrations will be easier with a familiar browser and M$’s cash-cow will run dry faster… Oh, how winning the browser wars by hook or crook now seems hollow with the world of IT so much bigger than it was in the “Good Old Days” of monopoly.

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11 Responses to M$ Tries To Kill XP While Google Gives It Oxygen ;-)

  1. oiaohm says:

    Some might think the existence of kernelex proves that patching does not require source code. They are making a mistake the reason why kernelex was possible is the existence of wine and reactos predecessor. Source code to build replacement parts with.

    Also kernelex did not just extend the life of Windows 98se it also extend life of Windows ME. This is the deadly effect. So Vista and 7 end of life may be extended as well.

    Windows 8 rt requiring everything signed is to prevent what has happened in history.

    Why did this not trigger with windows 2000. You need a market of large enough size to trigger this reaction in the FOSS world. XP is the next OS after Windows 98se with enough market dominance to trigger the FOSS world to upgrade it.

    This is the problem about not knowing history. XP end of life is a trigger event when it happens 6 months after we will know if it has triggered the FOSS world to upgrade NT based OS’s.

    The threat to Microsoft is not single sided. Extending life of Microsoft OS’s means longer time until users have to upgrade.

    Remember how did GNU undermine the power of Unix. By replacing 1 part at a time until it had replaced everything bar the kernels.

    Is there any reason why a 1 part at a time attack cannot be used against windows. Yes Microsoft updates breaking third party alterations.

    Yes the Nightmare for Microsoft support an OS forever costs money. Not supporting OS forever opens up a weak point.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Dr Loser 1 year longer than Microsoft support makes sense thinking that WIndows 98 se end up receiving security updates by third parties after its end of life.

    Google has only promised 1 extra year. If updates don’t come by other supply lines then terminate OS support.

    Dr Loser its what happened at Windows 98se end of life justifies the extra year of support by chrome. Heck Windows 98 last security update by third parties was 2011. Remember 98se Microsoft end of life 2007.

    So last major example there was 4 years difference between Microsoft end of life and absolute end of life. Yes Dr Loser the OS end of life deadlines are a little grey.

    Dr loser something to be very aware of is that reactos does exist and can be used to piece by piece replace XP internally. Reactos it self might be alpha quality but it is not even quality.

    Something else the kernelex extension to windows 98se came from the predecessor to reactos. Yes when they were attempt to clone 9x line.

    Yes Dr Loser XP has been a security hazard but if what happened with 98se plays out again security features from vista and 7 and 8 will be back-ported into XP by the third parties.

    Basically its a mess Dr Loser. I don’t have a crystal ball to see how XP end of life will play out. Third parties can only start patching a OS when Microsoft stops sending out updates that can conflict with their patches.

    Yes Microsoft OS end of life triggers something. The worst possible play out for Microsoft is Reactos extends the life of XP and one day its replaced every single part so uses or XP never need to migrate. I really don’t think the worst possible will happen.

    bw not all websites built for Chrome are compatible with any other browser other than Chromium and Chrome. Google wants browser market share. Google gets browser market share gets to make Microsoft life a migraine.

  3. Dr Loser wrote, of Google’s move on XP, “In what way is this a good idea?”

    1) It lets users know that Google cares.
    2) It lets users stay in their comfort zone for an OS.
    3) It keeps scrap out of the waste heap.
    4) XP users running Chrome patched will be less dangerous than XP users running IE unpatched.
    5) It lets users know there are alternative sources of software to keep them online.
    6) It reduces M$’s revenue-stream.

  4. dougman says:

    While it is great that Google is extending support, a better Windows XP mitigation plan is to just replace the machines with Chromebooks. With ChromeOS, you can now officially exit the upgrade treadmill and never have to manage the operating system again.

    With 22% of U.S. using them, that is the future.

    Purchasing Chromebooks over a Windows laptop, allows you an CAPEX of 4:1 buying ratio, and will save you money each year.


    Here are 8 reasons why Chromebooks are not going away:


  5. Dr Loser says:

    I don’t think you can have it both ways, Robert. Either XP is a security hazard or it isn’t.

    If it isn’t, you’ve been throwing baseless accusations at it for about as long as this blog has existed.

    If it is, then Google is being completely irresponsible by offering a year’s “support” to a deprecated OS. Sophisticated users such as yourself will understand that this refers only to the Chrome browser. But the vast majority of those who will be keeping XP limping on past the deadline are not sophisticated and are apt to use the rest of the system. Because it’s “supported.” By a large, trustworthy company like Google.

    In what way is this a good idea?

    Me, I’d rather Google offered to pave the whole thing over with Goobuntu or whatever.

  6. oiaohm says:

    bw infrequent buyers are the very ones MS is depending on creating a upswing with the death of XP.

    My problem is we don’t know exactly what path they will take. The infrequent buyers make up a very large percentage of yearly sales.

  7. bw says:

    You don’t think this might just be a marketing stunt

    I can see some unwanted side effects for Google here. There are good customers and then there are also bad customers who cause more pain than they provide beneficial business. The last of the Mohican XP home users are likely to be infrequent buyers of anything and overall cheapskates when it comes to buying new things.

    I can see this move scaring a bunch of these users into Google’s corral if they are truly frightened of the specter of non-support for IE. “Good riddance!” is the likely attitude at Redmond while MS can attrite some of their support staff due to migration of these complainers.

  8. DrLoser wrote, “What would be the point of providing updates for a closed-source operating system whose authors have stopped working on it for a year?”

    It is well known that as fluffy as that other OS is the majority of intrusions involve the applications and the browser is probably the most universal application of consumers.

  9. dougman says:

    For those that just use Windows XP for browsing on the web, get yourself a $300 HP Chromebook.


    No more Virus’s, long ass reboots, needless updates and just a trouble free device that will ALWAYS stay updated.

  10. oiaohm says:

    Dr Loser of course its a marketing stunt. Google is wanting to take as many as possible to chromebooks and android devices.

    Also lack of knowledge of history. Something happened to Windows 98se at its end of life. http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/

    So Microsoft end of life might not be absolute. Sections from reactos can be used to replace core parts of XP.

    Future could be real messy Dr Loser.

    It is interesting right that FOSS developers extended Windows 98se life the last time Dr Loser.

    Interesting how this will play out.

  11. Dr Loser says:

    Just wondering, Robert.

    What would be the point of providing updates for a closed-source operating system whose authors have stopped working on it for a year?

    You don’t think this might just be a marketing stunt, do you? After all, Google are 100% FOSS developers. Not a single salesman or marketroid in sight!

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