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Snow, Not That I Like It, But We Need Some

Just when I have my snowblower tuned up for some heavy lifting the weather-people predict below average snowfall here. Bah! They’re probably wrong as usual. I need at least enough to replenish the ground water and to help me slide … Continue reading

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From Canada’s Recent Speech From The Throne

This is the announcement of the intentions of the government for the coming session. I looked for anything related to firearms and information technology. No joy, except they promise to revoke one regulation for every new one they invent… On … Continue reading

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Laptop Computers At Walmart Now Include Lots Of */Linux

Wow! What a difference a few years make. It was only a few years ago that Walmart sold out of GNU/Linux netbooks and proclaimed buyers returned them… Now Walmart.com lists Linpus GNU/Linux, Chrome OS GNU/Linux, and even Android/Linux notebooks. Some … Continue reading

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Ho Hum. Oracle Collapses Under Its Own Weight

Java vulnerabilities again and “Oracle Database Server, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft Products, Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle and Sun Systems Products Suite, Oracle Virtualization and Oracle MySQL all need security fixes for one reason or another. Many of the patched … Continue reading

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M$ Tries To Kill XP While Google Gives It Oxygen ;-)

Ever helpful, Google has promised to keep Chrome browser for XP alive for another year after M$ stops updates… “In a rather shrewd move, Google has said it will continue to provide Chrome updates for Windows XP users for at … Continue reading

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More Than 20 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Linux!

Date Article 2013 “Leading business houses, educational institutions and governmental agencies across the globe are shifting their operating systems to Linux from proprietary. Similarly, they are switching over their application programs from commercial software to open source software. EFYTimes.com finds … Continue reading

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Breaking News! In Q2 2013, M$’s Open Ports Dropped Below WWW/SSL In Popularity Of Attacks

“This port is used for Microsoft or Samba SMB networking. It has been a busy highway for attack traffic for years, and in fact it remained the number one port for attacks in seven of the top 10 countries. Attacks … Continue reading

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FLOSS Is The Right Way To Do IT, Even Wasting Time

“For developers, an open source OS means freedom from dev kit fees and oversight from large hardware companies.” “For consumers, an open source gaming OS could bring in a wider variety of original titles from smaller, independent studios and individuals.” … Continue reading

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Republicans Encourage Spying On US Government

“Partly as a consequence of the US Government shutdown, there are presently more than two hundred .gov websites using expired SSL certificates. Although the shutdown is expected to be a short term measure, the widespread use of expired certificates on … Continue reading

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