Brazilian Government Gives “the finger” To the NSA and Microsoft

“the government has already told Microsoft that it will not renew its licensing agreement and that it will reinvest the savings in improving the in-house system”

via Brazilian government to ditch Microsoft in favour of bespoke email system.

Isn’t it interesting that the “positive feedback” that was used to build M$’s monopoly can also be used to destroy it? We can add freedom from NSA-spying onto the stack of reasons to escape M$’s slavery: cost, malware, re-re-rebooting, sloowwwwwiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg down, BSODs, lock-in, shifting file-formats and protocols, feature-bloat, etc. Of course, the NSA is not only negative for M$ but also for dozens of high profile web businesses and their partners. I wonder if the USAian businesses that will be harmed by the NSA in the next year or so will demand the NSA shrink via their paid lobbyists? I wonder how many USAian businesses will move offshore to escape the tangle of USAian legislation and institutions? I wonder how many other countries besides Brazil are planning their escape from USAian hegemony? 2013 is turning out to be quite a year. Already the shutdown of the government and the threat of default has cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. Add the NSA and a new recession could well be in the works. Thank Goodness, I am retired and can sit around and grow/harvest my own food instead of wondering how to find a job when the USA sinks beneath the waves.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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14 Responses to Brazilian Government Gives “the finger” To the NSA and Microsoft

  1. oiaohm says:

    bw by the way it does not change the fact that Microsoft has lost over 1 billion dollars worth of income from brazil.

    Brazil is only one of the many time-bombs slowly but surely ticking away.

  2. oiaohm says:

    bw brazil has learnt how to run all there critical items without depending on oil at all.

    Yes tetra fuel and other items. So there is something brazil has that the USA does not.

  3. bw says:

    Of course the US government wants to know everything, it acts like a thug, if the government of a certain country does not abide with its policies/rules, they find weapons of mass destruction and blast the country to oblivion.

    Oh that has only happened once in the history of man and Iraq was hardly blasted to oblivion. Saddam was a troublemaker and everyone agreed that he had to go. Admittedly, the charges were trumped up, but they were plausible if you didn’t look too deep.

    It was all a reaction to the Al Qaeda loonies who started the whole parade anyway. Even the NSA stuff would not have evolved, I think, if we only had to worry about the Russians. In order to find the plotters among us, it may be necessary to look under a lot of rocks to find them. Better to look than to be blown up, I say. If looking uncovers some misdeed that you are guilty of making, shame on you and you deserve to be exposed.

    I think you are just grasping at straws to suggest that the USA cares a fig about what the Brazilians may have learned about drilling for oil in the ocean, too. I doubt that they have any knowledge that is not known throughout the oil industry to begin with, but even if they did, the logical thing is to just buy the oil. We buy a lot of it already.

  4. bilbophile wrote, “That notary public’s personal computer ran some distribution of Linux.”

    Folks to whom documents are like air and water want them to be reliable and M$’s shifting sand is no platform upon which to build a legacy.

  5. Agent_Smith says:

    BW wrote: “I wonder what it is that Brazil wants to hold so secret that they fear USA spying? ”
    Typical mindset of a bigot American.
    Of course the US government wants to know everything, it acts like a thug, if the government of a certain country does not abide with its policies/rules, they find weapons of mass destruction and blast the country to oblivion. You are so innocent BW… I wonder if you are still in your teens.
    BW worte:
    “Can you think of anything that the US might want to learn about Brazil?”

    Hahahahahahah, the US government is spying in Brazil’s national Oil companies, ones that have technology to find oil in deep sea. Of course, the US government here is acting like a delivery boy to Exxon, BP, and the others. But still, not in the interests of the people.

  6. oiaohm says:

    bw yes brazil has been developing there own solution from 2007. So no it was not a rushed in conversion. But its another market MS has now lost forever.

  7. oiaohm says:

    bw the problem with spying is that the NSA might not be your enemy but the framework they construct to spy can become accessiable at times to your enemies.

    Of course you are being your normal non researched moron bw.

    The parts in bespoke are from 2007. First roll out were 2008 bw. We are talking about items with over 5 years of production testing.

    So the roll out has been under-way for a long time. What recent statement is plan of final nuking of Microsoft products.

    This is the problem bw a lot of roll out are under way. The time frame of Linux roll out is far larger than your little mind allows for.

  8. Gonzalo says:

    I hope so!
    But from time to time, some bad administrator goes back to m$ spying / pro-malware / crashing software, unfortunately.

  9. bw says:

    We can add freedom from NSA-spying onto the stack of reasons to escape M$’s slavery

    I’ll note once more that you seem to have escaped and, from all that I can see, they are not even interested in chasing you down and putting you back in chains. Microsoft are not very accomplished slave-drivers it would seem and only are able to prey upon those who welcome the brand of slavery that they offer.

    On the main topic, I wonder what it is that Brazil wants to hold so secret that they fear USA spying? The US hasn’t attacked South America ever and have only bothered on occasion with Panama, which was actually a drug deal sort of thing and Cuba, which was really instigated by Cubans fleeing Castro who wanted a do-over sponsored by the anti-Communist sort of fervor of the times. Can you think of anything that the US might want to learn about Brazil?

    Duplicating the Exchange server and Outlook system in a “bespoke” arrangement of their own strikes me as a disaster in the making. Particularly if they are trying to do it based on saving the costs of licensing. Let us know when they roll it out.

    The Portuguese language cite here seems to indicate that they have to go slow since they don’t even have the funding for the cryptography involved.

  10. bw says:

    Just another thing to thank Bush for…
    Osama, ooopsss, Obama…!

    Not much substance here, but it is kind of interesting to note that political divisions of opinion extend to blaming all the world’s ills on Microsoft!

  11. bilbophile says:

    Although I am a happy user of Linux myself, I am normally quite sceptical about the”Linux World Domination”.

    I used to believe the vast majority of desktops (except for some eccentrics like myself and a few specialised data-base clients in some large organisations) would use either pirated or, in corporate environments, licensed Windows software.

    I had to reassess my opinion yesterday when I went into a notary public’s personal office and on the screen of the only PC there there was a familiar screensaver, with an analogue white clock on a black background with a red hand for the seconds. I clicked on a key to make sure and indeed a GNOME-ish windowed popped up stating that the computer had been locked by a user with the notary public’s full name. That notary public’s personal computer ran some distribution of Linux.

    You should understand that in Romania, compared to the general population, notary publics are wealthier, less technical and much more conservative than the attorneys-at-law in the U.S. and they produce at least as many pages of standardised legal documents.

    Finding Linux in such an environment of all places makes me think why I’m beginning to think that “nobody was fired for buying MS Windows” will not stay true for much longer in this country.

  12. eug says:

    “O e-mail a ser desenvolvido pelo Serpro contará com criptografia, conforme informou o governo, mas é preciso lembrar que hackers e espiões norte-americanos já conhecem a extensa maioria dos programas que codificam mensagens eletrônicas. A criação de um novo sistema de criptografia demanda tempo e investimento de muito dinheiro. Como o e-mail brasileiro será lançado em meados de 2014, o anúncio palaciano não passou de pirotecnia oficial, pois o tempo é tão curto quanto o dinheiro disponível para o projeto.”

  13. eug says:

    The issue is not where your files are located (the server) but the backdoor in crytography algoritms.
    IF you have strong cryptography you can store your files in NSA servers and be safe.
    If you have weak cryptography you can store your file in brazilian servers and they will be reachable by NSA and, or Osama, ooopsss, Obama…!

  14. Aieee a Ballhogg says:

    I’m not sure about “another” recession. It’s not entirely clear we ever left the one that Bush started for us, at least not out of the top. There was what looked like a bit of deflation for a while…

    NSA’s illegal activities are having far-reaching effects. Anyone with even a little sense is moving off of US-based hosting and services. What will really hurt the US economically and in many other ways will be losing responsibility for the Internet. Before it was a minor annoyance for everything to be centralized and controlled by the US. Now it is a threat causing real harm and other countries are making steps to end that. Once the US loses that position, it’s not coming back. Just another thing to thank Bush for.

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