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Holding A Bird Too Tightly

Holding a bird too tightly has two likely outcomes: the bird dies or the bird escapes, never to return. That could happen to the Internet if it is not pried out of the claws of USA soon. The same could … Continue reading

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If the Government of the USA Continues Its Shutdown It’s Time to Start Over

“It means that they may go broke. They may have that extra financial stress on an already stressed life. It could be, in worst case scenario, a suicide spike; emotional stability drops. I mean, we’re talking about a population of … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Is For Everyone

Swapnil Bhartiya wrote, “Linux is not for everyone, just the way not everyone likes roses; some like lilies.” see This article will help you in deciding whether you can use Linux or not. I disagree. GNU/Linux and Android/Linux are for … Continue reading

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