Nvidia Caught Out Again

Apparently, Nvidia has deliberately sabotaged a driver for GNU/Linux because it had more features than the driver for that other OS…
“Are you going to raise the number of monitors to 4 in windows so that “for feature parity” linux users can have it too? Do a linux user have to post a bug report in the windows forum to have 4 monitors?”

see Nvidia cripples Linux drivers because of Windows.

Good questions, Nvidia! Do we have to turn Linus loose on you again to get you to do the right thing? Isn’t it obvious that the kind of person who chooses Nvidia’s hardware to run one monitor to the left and one to the right may just as likely want to run two to the left and two to the right? Why hold them back? Give the users what they want!

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3 Responses to Nvidia Caught Out Again

  1. oiaohm says:


    How even AMD cards attempt to rip end consumers off.

    There are a stack of artificial limits video card makers have been doing.

  2. Dr Loser says:

    Just a small correction, Dougie.
    We’re talking about actual physical monitors here.
    Not, ahem, your Sacred Top-Notch Window.
    Guess again, lovey!

  3. dougman says:

    Well with the beauty of virtual screens, one can have 4+ screens on one monitor.

    Windows does not have that, in fact M$ Windows windows manager sucks. In Linux, I can keep a window on top of all others regardless of what I click on.

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