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Some Days Are Just Better Than Others

Nearly 40 years ago a rifle was purchased, brand new. It was a 7mm Remington Magnum Winchester Model 70. It was topped with a Weaver T16 target scope and 1000 Sierra MatchKing bullets were bought to do some semi-serious target-shooting. … Continue reading

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Growth of */Linux and “8”

Occasionally some troll gives me a good idea for a post. Here’s one. bw wrote, “Windows 8 has garnered nearly an order of magnitude more acceptance in the market in 20 weeks than Linux has in 20 years.” No, “8″ … Continue reading

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The Harvest

My garden did poorly this year compared to last. There was a drought and I gave insufficient water. Also the weeds got the upper hand… Last night we had our first killing frost, rather late as frosts go here, but … Continue reading

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