NSA v Tor

“An NSA presentation released by Edward Snowden contains mixed news for Tor users. The anonymizing service itself appears to have foxed US and UK government snoops, but instead they are using a zero-day flaw in the Firefox browser bundled with Tor to track users.”

see NSA using Firefox flaw to snoop on Tor users.

Of course, Snowden’s stuff is dated but it is encouraging that Tor, which DARPA created…, works as advertised.

Meanwhile, “Security researchers have since linked the same CVE-2013-3893 bug to multiple attacks by various state-sponsored hacking crews against targets in Taiwan and elsewhere in the Far East. In this context the patch for Internet Explorer versions 6 to 11, due to arrive next Tuesday, can’t come a day too soon.” see Hang in there, Internet Explorer peeps: Gaping zero-day fix coming Tues

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2 Responses to NSA v Tor

  1. ram says:

    Tor was initially set up by the US Navy. Enough said.

  2. Ivan says:

    Are you sure that tor is working properly? Are you sure that you are not ignorant of it’s flaws?

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