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Freeing Everyone

One of the biggest lock-ins that M$ uses to enslave businesses around the globe is the office suite. By continually bombing the world with new useless features and file-formats, M$ has managed to keep businesses on the Wintel treadmill for … Continue reading

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Dell is in the process of being sold back to Dell. I wanted to see if there were any improvements in the website these days. Try as I might I could not find a single item on when I … Continue reading

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Software Freedom Is Spreading

Thanks to Google, Samsung, Canonical and a host of others Free Software is spreading around the world. Software Freedom Day events are planned in nearly every heavily populated region of Earth except in the Arab world. They are dealing with … Continue reading

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Sarin Was Used By Syrian Government. What’s Your Next Move, World?

There is an insufferable monster among us, Assad of Syria. He used chemical weapons against civilians as they slept. He lied about it. His sponsor Putin claimed the USAian Secretary of State lied about it. What will Assad do next? … Continue reading

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My Wonderful Lawn

I am prompted to write this because of some comments by Home Hardware in my inbox: “A well tended lawn improves curb appeal and can increase the value of a property by 15 to 20 percent.” “Turf serves as a … Continue reading

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You have to wonder if the NSA isn’t trying to win the Darwin Award. When did the role of the National Security agency change from keeping USA safe to sabotaging the world’s IT? From the beginning… NSA was created to … Continue reading

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Latest Wikimedia Traffic Analysis Report Shows A Jump In Usage Of GNU/Linux

The highlights: Android/Linux 5.67% GNU/Linux 2.06% That Other OS 51.26% If we only consider non-mobile PCs, TOS gets 70.7% of page-views see Wikimedia Traffic Analysis Report – Operating Systems. see also Breakdown By Country. I see Korea, Myanmar, and Oman … Continue reading

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Patched Users

Comment made by “Anonymous Coward” on The Register’s article about yet another set of patches from M$ that bork systems: “Meanwhile in Linux Land All the flowers smell wonderful, the birds are tweeting, the sun is out and everyone is … Continue reading

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I was prompted by a story about Google migrating from MySQL to MariaDB to think some more about progress in my home. I prefer to deal as little as possible with Oracle and for that matter, Apache, which took over … Continue reading

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Russia Continues Move To */Linux On Mobile Devices

“According to the most recent quarterly data published by International Data Corporation (IDC), PC shipments in Russia in the second quarter of 2013 continued their steep decline, with volume slipping by 37.3% year on year to a total of 2.47 … Continue reading

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Chrome OS, The New GNU/Linux Distro Accepted By OEMs, Retailers, Government and Consumers

Combine state of the art hardware from Intel and optimized software from Google and what do you have? A big bite taken out of the Wintel pie: “Chrome OS represents a new form of computing," he said. "We are seeing … Continue reading

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9/11 Brings Good News

Of course, in 2001, there was that horror but today IDC had some very good news: “September 11, 2013 – The worldwide smart connected device market, comprised of PCs, tablets, and smartphones, is forecast to grow 27.8% year over year … Continue reading

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