French Gendarmerie Goes To GNU/Linux: Progress Report

Long ago the French national police converted to FLOSS applications. They are phasing in GNU/Linux too:
“The direct benefits of saving on licences are the tip of the iceberg. An industrialised open source desktop is a powerful lever for IT governance.
The Gendarmerie now employs 37,000 Ubuntu Linux desktops. In the summer of next year, it expects to have completed the switch, and will then have 72,000 Ubuntu-Linux workstations. That makes it Europe’s and possibly world-wide the largest example of a public administration using open source on workstations.”

see French Gendarmerie: "Open source desktop lowers TCO by 40%".

I would have done it in less time but they are a large organization and they don’t want to break things… It’s all good. Better IT and lower costs forever mean the manner of migration matter not nearly as much as actually doing it. Just ask M$. I’m sure they could explain that their revenue stream depends on everyone and everything depending on M$. They nearly had that a decade ago but no more.

Other governments are still converting their applications but eventually all of them will see the light and convert the OS as well.

“The Italian province of Macerata is halfway its migration to LibreOffice, replacing the ubiquitous proprietary suite of office productivity tools. LibreOffice is used on 230 of its 450 workstations. "Management support is essential. If the strategy is not well-explained, users will blame the software even for bad weather." The migration is expected to be completed in December next year.”

see Italian province of Macerata halfway LibreOffice migration.

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  1. oiaohm says:

    This is the problem for Microsoft Supporters more and more large scale migrations are being pulled off.

    Correctly management migrations are showing the same repeating thing. Linux need less repair work.

    The sad part is for people like me we know that Linux using X11 has huge numbers of defects that should be effecting things. So how can Linux have lower TCO than Windows unless somehow windows is worse?

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