FLOSS Spreads In Government

Clearly, paying monopoly prices for software is ridiculous for governments which have the resources to use FLOSS and talyor it to their specific needs.
“The newly created Hungarian government’s open source resource centre is piloting the use of Wollmux, a form management tool developed and used by the German city of Munich.”

see Hungary is testing Munich's Wollmux form management.

It’s more than just forms management. Wollmux was written in German for Germans and Hungary is “internationalizing” Wollmux so Hungarians and others can use it. Wollmux is a centralized forms management system that Munich used to enable OpenOffice.org to be used easily by all its departments. With it, Munich was able to reduce the total number of forms and to make it easier to convert forms from M$’s office suite to work with OpenOffice.org and ODF. Contributing a little to Wollmux can free governments from M$ and “partners” forever, saving money on a huge scale, $hundreds of millions per annum.

Further, Hungary hired real people to train government employees in use of LibreOffice. Paying people once to do that is much less expensive than paying M$ forever for permission to use Hungary’s PCs, say a few hundred $thousand instead of an infinite sum. Once Hungary’s government is capable with LibreOffice, they will have little need for M$’s OS and can easily migrate to GNU/Linux.

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  1. dougman says:

    In time, we will read how ‘magically’ they would have saved money going with Windows instead, but THAT report will NOT include the costs for upgrading existing hardware to run 7 or 8 as the report prepared for M$, by HP, so mysteriously omitted..

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