Ubuntu GNU/Linux Selling in 2500 Chinese Stores

Not only did Dell ramp up the number of its stores selling Ubuntu GNU/Linux but HP “began stocking two new Ubuntu laptops in over 1,500 of its Chinese stores as of September 16th.”

see HP to Stock Ubuntu Laptops in 1,500 China Stores.

Between the two of them there are 2500 stores with GNU/Linux on retail shelves in China. If they can sell a few machines per day each, that’s millions of GNU/Linux PCs selling in China annually. Imagine what Lenovo, Acer and others are doing… What’s so special about China? Less lock-in? Built-in emerging market? A government that encourages independence from outsiders? Whatever the reason, this could be the year of the GNU/Linux desktop in China. It remains to be seen whether this growth will continue and how far this will go in stimulating legacy-PC sales.

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One Response to Ubuntu GNU/Linux Selling in 2500 Chinese Stores

  1. dougman says:

    Bill Gates lost his chance with China long ago when Project venus failed. So instead, they let free pirated versions of Windows, so that China can get hooked on its drugs.

    Now, with assistance of the Chinese government, they can come collecting, but the asian people are not so readily duped as the Western folk are, they do not want Windows, they want something far more reliable, robust and does not look like a AOL screen from 1996.

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