Tegra Note, The World’s Fastest 7-inch Tablet.

Just when you thought $500 tablets were the cream of the crop and tablets were becoming a boring commodity about to litter the world, Nvidia picks up its game and designs a CPU and tablet that bring a powerful package together for $199…
“Powered by Tegra 4 with a 72-core GeForce GPU and quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU with a fifth battery-saver core, making Tegra Note the world’s fastest 7-inch tablet.”

see NVIDIA Reveals Tegra Note – Complete Tablet Platform, Powered by Tegra 4.

It was only a while ago that 77 cores in anything was a super-computer. Now you can hold it in your hand. It runs Android/Linux, of course. Not having to pay M$ half the price just for permission to use all that wonderful hardware helps keep the price down. Ten hours of video on a charge of the battery… Wow! FLOSS is the right way to do IT. Millions of developers contribute software that you get to run for the cost of installation. Get the best performing hardware for your money and the software to make it fly is ~$0.

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One Response to Tegra Note, The World’s Fastest 7-inch Tablet.

  1. dougman says:

    More like $119!


    These days, I just carry my Chromebook, my S4 and a 7″ tablet.

    It befuddles me when some Windows-centric IT dude states that the C-type exec’s “need” a $1500 Windows 8 ultrabook, when they could get by with a Chromebook that lasts longer and will NEVER catch a cold.

    M$ Windows? Passee….no one uses that crap anymore.

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