A Tale Of Two British Schools And GNU/Linux

In both schools, GNU/Linux exceeded expectations but in one the PHBs (Pointy Headed Bosses) gave the go-ahead and in the other heads were in a dark place with M$ and the migration died. Read about it and weep at the lack of imagination of some school administrations.

“In 2012, Westcliff High School for Girls Academy (WHSG) in the southeast of England was faced with the need to update its IT infrastructure for students from Windows XP machines. Instead of updating hardware and software to accommodate the latest Microsoft offerings, they – due to budget constraints and a desire to teach more rigorous ICT – chose to switch the students’ desktop machines to Linux. There have been similar efforts in the past and, in this case study, the experiences of WHSG are contrasted with those of Hassenbrook Technology College, also in the southeast of England. There, in the late 2000s, Jason Bassett led a team that implemented Linux thin-client systems on obsolete machines, giving them a temporary new lease of life.”

see British school switches students' computers to Linux, reducing costs and improving computing knowledge.

I’ve seen both scenarios and GNU/Linux was never a problem. It’s the right way to do IT in schools. Both schools took a look at GNU/Linux for all the right reasons but in one the project took hold and flourished and in the other was killed out of ignorance. It’s so sad that ignorance operates major parts of educational systems. That’s just wrong.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. dougman says:

    “By teaching their students generic computing skills, rather than skills using a single provider’s software, the school aims to make its students more adaptable and employable in the years ahead.”

    Learning M$ is a one-way street, all the money leads to them, while Linux, Android and a host of other systems lead you to freedom.

    “Students were very receptive to the ‘new’ system. Bassett recalls that some even sat with us at lunchtimes as we demonstrated installing a Linux distribution on an old computer – some asked for copies of the software to take home. The team demonstrated live CD and live USB versions of the software so that students could play with it at home without fear of wiping the family computer.”

    Install of kids being a tool for M$, this advocacy is getting them while they are young and malleable to open their minds to the realm of what is possible sans M$.

    “Parents maintained that learning Office was a more useful skill.” ??? LOL…some parents are ignorant of the facts.

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