GNU/Linux Has Done Well In Germany Under Merkel

Germany_Under_Merkel(StatCounter’s data)

So, her coalition’s goal to expand use of open standards and Free Software has born fruit. GNU/Linux’s share of page-views from Germany has tripled under her reign. Early news is that she has a slim lead as a result of today’s election.

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4 Responses to GNU/Linux Has Done Well In Germany Under Merkel

  1. Linux is just a kernel. You can’t browse the web with it to generate those page-views. It’s GNU/Linux that did that.

  2. It’s called Linux, not GNU/Linux.

  3. Aieee a Ballhogg wrote, “What about Spain?”

    January 2009 – 1.34%
    January 2013 – 2.01%

    Not as dramatic, but still positive. Neither government goes out of its way to convert citizens, just internal users. Students take a while to go through the system.

  4. Aieee a Ballhogg says:

    That is excellent news.

    What about Spain? I got the feeling that they were further ahead, in particular because of Extremadura. However, their success seems to be inversely proportional to the news coverage. Probably M$ advertising money at work.

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