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9/11 Brings Good News

Of course, in 2001, there was that horror but today IDC had some very good news: “September 11, 2013 – The worldwide smart connected device market, comprised of PCs, tablets, and smartphones, is forecast to grow 27.8% year over year … Continue reading

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Don’t Fix Syria. Fix The UN

“The war remains deadlocked as both sides labour under the illusion that a military victory is possible. The Government has maintained control of major cities and lines of communication. It continues to rely on its superior weaponry and control of … Continue reading

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Recent Changes To MrPogson.com

A couple of days ago we made two major changes: Moved from hosting at RackSpace to Digital Ocean. This move was mostly about the price. It’s hard to beat $5/month… Performance is great as well. Moved from Apache 2 to … Continue reading

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Revolt Of The GNU/Linux Users

It used to be that all GNU/Linux users were in revolt, escaping from the tyranny of Wintel. These days, with “8” we can see even enslaved users of Wintel are in revolt, sticking with XP or preferring “7” to “8”. … Continue reading

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Intel Strikes Back

Intel is striking back at the ARMed ecosystem two ways: “The Quark design is fully synthesizable, with extension points to allow customers to integrate their own functional blocks onto Quark SoCs. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich also said that although Intel … Continue reading

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