Writing On The Wall For Wintel

Head of Acer gets it partly right:
“Since Wintel’s business strategies can no longer create profits for partners, many downstream IT players have turned to other ecosystems to seek profitability, noted Shih, adding that Google’s open platform strategy is not the main attraction prompting IT players to join the Google camp.
Linux is also an open platform, but this has not helped it receive similar attention, Shih noted. For an ecosystem to have a chance of growing and staying strong, it must have leadership adopting strategies that allow all partners to earn profits.”

see Wintel destined to eventually fail, says Acer founder.

There is no difference in the profitability of an OEM using GNU/Linux or Android/Linux except that OEMs largely have ignored GNU/Linux. Dell makes money on GNU/Linux. ASUS did too until they took a bribea marketing deal from M$. ASUS was selling out globally their eeePC with GNU/Linux. Dell is rapidly expanding the number of stores selling Ubuntu GNU/Linux in China and India. Ignoring GNU/Linux may be the reason Acer has been struggling for the last few years. It tried to make money on low-end Wintel systems that no one wanted to buy instead of profiting from huge volume of GNU/Linux systems with larger margins.

The writing is on the wall. If you want to make tons of money selling PCs, you need to use FLOSS and */Linux because your competitors are doing that and laughing all the way to the bank. You can’t pay M$ ~$50 per copy and do all the work of building systems and selling them while M$ sits on a huge pile of cash sipping lemonade. Your competitors are taking that $50 and using it to reduce prices or improve performance for customers. Who will win that competition?

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2 Responses to Writing On The Wall For Wintel

  1. dougman says:

    People are learning that Windows is so passe’ these days. I see M$ in dire straits with hardly any developers, as no one wants their wares.


  2. dougman says:

    The way I see it, M$ is the pimp and the OEMs are its hoes. I bet he OEMs are fuming at all the lost revenue they due to M$ licensing agreements.

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