Ruined Weekend For M$ Meant Ruined Lives

M$ announced the dropping of its advanced certification programmes just before a long weekend. The reasons given? “When we look at products like Windows, Exchange and SharePoint, those are billion dollar businesses. We have less than 200 certified individuals for each product. 200 does not give us the volume to be successful deploying those products to the enterprise. “

see Microsoft says axed certs failed its software biz.

This is yet another indication that Wintel is a failing ecosystem. All the smart people are moving on to greener pastures. Large enterprises are investing heavily in FLOSS for all their new/interesting stuff.
“Just as IBM put its considerable heft behind Linux, so too has Big Blue recently come round to the open source “OpenStack” infrastructure-as-a-service technology and the VMware-developed open source “Cloud Foundry” platform-as-a-service.” The panicky remnants of the “partners” are deciding whom to eat next in order to survive a bit longer…

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3 Responses to Ruined Weekend For M$ Meant Ruined Lives

  1. oiaohm says:

    Aieee a Ballhogg sharepoint is more funny when you compare it to its competitor.

  2. Aieee a Ballhogg says:

    dougman, Sharepoint and associated products are no end of pain. Their purpose is to act as a massive sink for financial resources and staff time. The ultimate goal is to ensure that users are so pressed for time that they are in a constant crisis state and cannot react rationally, especially in regards to getting out of the fix they are in. Managers will also aggravate the problem by insisting on throwing good money after bad. Of course it does not work but because they’ve invested $X USD into it, they feel compelled to continue with it. So whether victim of the sunk cost fallay or in a time crisis, they will never look at WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal, or any of the others that would cost 0.01% (or less) that PainPoint. It’s a tar pit and they will sink in it.

  3. dougman says:

    Less then 200 you say? Wow, how complicated and bloated is their software?

    For the tens or possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on Windows, Exchange and SharePoint. One can use alternative solutions, that cost far less and work 24/7.

    Windows is crap, no one wants that bloated mess. Try a Linux desktop distribution: Debian, Linux Mint, or Ubuntu

    Exchange is a mess and a pain to maintain.

    Better to use hosted Google services for businesses.

    Sharepoint, ahhhh Sharepoint, the useless M$ tool that no one knows how to use. Some businesses make a vain attempt but fail in the attempt, but thats ok, M$ will offer you a $100K person to fix all that for you and after spending a boatload of money on a internal website, you realize that it could have been at .01% of the cost by using WordPress and Mediawiki.

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