Death-Spiral Of Software Patents

You know the story. Give flies, mice, baboons or patent-lawyers the perfect environment and they will be fruitful and multiply until we all starve to death or something drastic happens.Cheetah_Baboon_LV

  • “Between 2007 and 2011, two-thirds of defendants in patent litigation were sued over software-related patents.”
  • “Among the most important factors contributing to patent litigation abuse are the prevalence of unclear and overly broad patents.”
  • “Lawsuits involving software-related patents accounted for 89% of the total increase in defendants from 2007-2011.”
  • “By "2011 patents related to software made up more than half of all issued patents," meaning the problem and challenges we face today are going to get worse before they get better.”…

see In-depth look at Government Accountability Office report on Non-Practicing Entities.

The US GAO has studied the matter and software-patents stick out like a sore thumb. They just don’t make any sense in the modern world. They are sand in the gears of progress. They are knee-deep syrup on the race track. Their report does not ensure elimination of software-patents but I expect something clarifying SCOTUS and GAO findings will emerge and bring US R&D back onto a firmer footing.

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  1. dougman says:

    When all these software patents are invalidated, where does that leave M$?

    It will level the playing field for everyone to compete on even terms.

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