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Death-Spiral Of Software Patents

You know the story. Give flies, mice, baboons or patent-lawyers the perfect environment and they will be fruitful and multiply until we all starve to death or something drastic happens. “Between 2007 and 2011, two-thirds of defendants in patent litigation … Continue reading

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The Group

On the weekend, we did a bit of shooting. In particular, we were trying some new bullet-propellant combinations to develop an accurate long-range load for deer. From ballistics we chose Hornady 165 SPBT and IMR4064 to do the job. 42 … Continue reading

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Shipments of Notebooks Drop 10% Per Annum

A few years ago, M$’s share of client OS was dropping ~1% per annum. Today, the rate of decline of shipments is ten times greater. Within a few years M$ will be just another player in the OS market, with … Continue reading

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