Ascent of Ubuntu GNU/Linux

It does pay to have salesmen, especially those who sell software cheaply to OEMs…“Dell are to more than double the number of its Chinese retail stores stocking Ubuntu-loaded laptops, Canonical has announced. “

see Dell To Expand Ubuntu Retail Presence in China.

Dell and Ubuntu GNU/Linux are a marriage made on Earth where Wintel is struggling to stay out from under dust on retail shelves. There are buyers, but only at very low prices. OEMs who pay M$ a huge licensing fee are squeezed. With GNU/Linux costing ~$0, Dell can ship it for peanuts and increase its margin. China has no qualms about GNU/Linux so that is where Dell is pumping them out.

It’s all good. It used to be that RedHat and IBM were pushing GNU/Linux on the desktop but now they mostly roll for businesses. Dell putting Ubuntu GNU/Linux on retail shelves in China could mean huge growth for GNU/Linux. Thanks Canonical and Dell. You are doing good business while making the world a better place.

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4 Responses to Ascent of Ubuntu GNU/Linux

  1. dougman wrote, “Part of the OEM agreement put out by M$, is to NOT sell any desktop Linux.”

    That would violate the undertaking as part of the “Final Agreement” on US DOJ v M$:
    “G. Microsoft shall not enter into any agreement with:

    any IAP, ICP, ISV, IHV or OEM that grants Consideration on the condition that such entity distributes, promotes, uses, or supports, exclusively or in a fixed percentage, any Microsoft Platform Software, except that Microsoft may enter into agreements in which such an entity agrees to distribute, promote, use or support Microsoft Platform Software in a fixed percentage whenever Microsoft in good faith obtains a representation that it is commercially practicable for the entity to provide equal or greater distribution, promotion, use or support for software that competes with Microsoft Platform Software, or”

    The demonstrable success of Android/Linux pretty well blows away M$ arguing that */Linux is not commercially practicable but I think this clause means M$ cannot require a fixed percentage until GNU/Linux reaches ~50%. It’s sad, that DOJ allowed M$ to write this convoluted stuff.

  2. dougman says:

    The part of M$ loaning $2B to Dell though, makes me wonder what’s all that about. I suppose if someone gave you $2B, you would take it too.

  3. Al Dutcher says:

    Cool, i didnt know they were doing that.
    It looks like the US is a follower these days.
    If china can make Ubu happen,
    more power to em.
    I use Ubu and love it.
    Alas, i am one of very few here in the US.

  4. dougman says:

    Part of the OEM agreement put out by M$, is to NOT sell any desktop Linux. Dell has been pushing the envelope a bit here and there with Ubuntu for a few years.

    M. Dell is no dummy, he knows what is up.

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