Pulling Back From The Cloud

While, technically, using the cloud is the right thing to do, it does share vulnerability. Lately, the furore over NSA capturing the web has made me rethink that. RMS was right. To be really FREE you have to use trusted resources and nothing out on the web is to be trusted these days. So, I have been investigating my lock-ins:

  • Google Chrome Browser – while a great browser it is intimately integrated with the web, so I will dump it in favour of FireFox. That brings me back to the Dark Ages of a separate search field but I can live with that and share less with Google. Mozilla is not comfortable at the moment. They offered me a 32-bit download for instance… What’s with that? Oh, it’s those users of that other OS getting confused by 64-bitness… Fortunately they do have 64-bit builds but I did have to search for them… Progress: I have updated all my bookmarks and everything works but it is a bit slower than Chrome.
  • GMAIL – I have been using that for ages. I will search for a server outside USA at least and possibly in a region hostile to NSA’s snooping.
  • Google Search – That’s tough. Almost any other search engine will be tiny in comparison but I don’t need to search the whole web. I could just index my favourite sites for the time-being… with Swish-e or such. Progress: I have switched to DuckDuckGo. At least it doesn’t track me
  • Google Translate – I use this a lot to search foreign sites. Perhaps I can do without as English is widespread in IT.
  • Wikipedia – While I detest their policies, this is a huge asset. I could do a text-only download and use it locally, but I would need to buy more hard drives.
  • ISP – I doubt any ISP in North America is trustworthy. I might have to move to a boat in the Pacific to be free of intrusion locally. That still leaves satellites…

I can start this project but it will never finish. I think it will be easier to fix the NSA and its “partners”. 🙁

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    Georg Greve sorry but to avoid Prism and the Keystone the data has to be encrypted between servers.

    Keystone is particularly packet interception. So the NSA does not need to be at your ISP or hosting location they just have to man in middle. So even if where the server is secure you still need pgp encryption or better on the messages to make sure transfer from server to server does not go plaintext somewhere.

    Using gmail with third party client and only sending pgp encrypted emails basically puts you back in the same boat as using kolab solution with a third party client.

    Yes the ugly reality unless is encrypted you can fairly much be 100 percent sure a it been read by a AI system somewhere.

  2. Georg Greve says:

    Hi there,

    In search of an alternative to Gmail – for which indeed it is irrelevant where the data is located, the NSA always has access, both Microsoft and Google have confirmed so years ago – might I dare suggest https://MyKolab.com?

    Run by hardcore software freedom people, contributing to the building of Free Software, provided from Switzerland with strong privacy laws and under extremely user centric Terms of Services… at least we’d like to think so.

  3. oiaohm says:

    bw exactly genuine army with genuine standard command struct is what ended the USA civil war partly. Once in that state a peace accord could be created.

    The British was never fully defeated by combat. They were defeated by pen after key things had already changed.

    Also you miss a key bit of history. Something done by the second president was key to the British pulling back.


    British were not going to loss the USA to the French.

    bw yes a lot of people in the USA think the war in the USA was only Britsh vs the USA. When it was in fact a 4 way fight. British, USA, French and Spanish. The French and Spanish were treated out of the mess before the British gave up.

    Yes the first half hot half cold war was the Americas revolution war. The America revolution war very few true British. French or Spanish took part. So reality you did not defeat any of those countries. It was those countries proxy’s in the USA who were defeated. Yes a war by proxy. And just like all wars by proxy some of the proxy forces changed side.

    Al Qaeda was another attempt at a war by proxy. History tells you a war by proxy does bit the hand that does it.

  4. bw says:

    We understand gun-control is people-control

    Oh don’t tell me you mild-mannered Canuks are fearful of a dictatorial regime, too! lol.

    Can you stand there and say with a straight face that when Sgt. Preston or whoever replaced him comes around to investigate something you are ready to stand your ground in defiance? Shades of Sean Hannity!

    BTW, the Paul Revere story has been debunked over the years and the real story is much less glamorous. It is true that the revolution more or less started with a skirmish like that, but it ended with a genuine army forcing the Brits to surrender.

  5. oiaohm says:

    bw civil wars require weapons to happen effectively. Operation Cyclone tell us we need to take a different path. Supply arms will not work it will just fuel the problem.

    There are three pillers that make cival war possible.

    1) Easy access to arms and ammo by general population.
    2) Break down of bodies to maintain civil order.
    3) Motivation.
    Any one of those alone is not enough to start a Civil war. 2 of those a civil war can start.

    Yes some of the historic responses is like trying to put out a fire with pure O2.

  6. oiaohm says:

    bw CIA designed how Al Qaeda operates to have a decentralised command structure to make it resistant to Russian forces..

    Al Qaeda is not a naturally formed terrorist group. That is why it so hard to destroy. Also due to their CIA training they don’t use electronic as primary. Al Qaeda CIA chosen leader was very hard to find and destroy. Osama bin Laden was one of the CIA trained terrorists of the cold war.

    Basically Al Qaeda is left over from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Cyclone that was a very bad idea.

    bw Saddaam in Iraq would have been no more in the iran Iraq war if the USA had not stuck their nose in. Iran attacked Iraq at that time due to Saddaam brutal treatment of his own population that earn him the title the butcher of baghdad.

    Both of these acts were taking the Moral low ground in the USA side. Yes long term Moral Low Ground leads to defeat. Short term gain long term loss.

  7. d. says:

    NSA will likely monitor the traffic going to/from any site that has high volume and involves research.

    So, use TOR to access wikipedia. Anonymize your traffic.

  8. bw says:

    Look how much heat was generated in USA when Al Qaeda operatives killed a few thousand in WTC

    That did stir the pot. I don’t see where the Taliban or Al Qaeda would see that as a good idea in hindsight. Their organizations certainly suffered and have virtually disappeared, regardless of how many Muslims today have a soft spot in their hearts for the old days.

    The reaction did kill a lot of people as well although I think more than half were killed by Muslim attacks on their own kind, if Sunni and Shite are the same kind. All the more reason to not get involved in Syria where the issues are just more of the same. The Iraqis didn’t really cotton to us getting rid of Saddam and some Syrians are just as likely to have regrets about Assad, keeping the civil wars going until we get tired of them, too, and finally go back home.

  9. bw wrote, “The Brits were doing fine fighting the farmers behind the rocks. It was Washington’s army that was their undoing. I guess you guys don’t have much of a feel for revolution. “

    We understand gun-control is people-control: “On the night of April 18, 1775, General Gage sent 700 men to seize munitions stored by the colonial militia at Concord, Massachusetts. Riders including Paul Revere alerted the countryside, and when British troops entered Lexington on the morning of April 19, they found 77 minutemen formed up on the village green. Shots were exchanged, killing several minutemen. The British moved on to Concord, where a detachment of three companies was engaged and routed at the North Bridge by a force of 500 minutemen. As the British retreated back to Boston, thousands of militiamen attacked them along the roads, inflicting great damage before timely British reinforcements prevented a total disaster. With the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the war had begun.”

    Farmers, with rifles, acting locally totally hamstrung the British regulars who marched out in the open in good order, making targets of themselves as the USA has been doing in Afghanistan. Of course the British could overwhelm any local militia but the British were thousands of miles from home and could not stand constant attrition which the militia were happy to inflict. An army is a blunt tool for fighting on a front, not for occupying territory. As soon as they travel or disperse to cover area they become targets for a militia not constrained by organization.

  10. bw wrote of the decentralization of Al Qaeda, “all you end up with is a label”

    That’s about what Al Qaeda is. They don’t have an HQ, nor a governing body, nor a head, nor regular meetings, … They are a movement dedicated to using force and whatever to overthrow the power/influence of USA and its “partners”. A movement is more a concept like democracy or chaos or a species like mosquitoes put into action by a lot of angry young men and women and inspired by a lot of angry old men than it is an organization. It is designed to triumph, not to rule. It started out as a network of fighters against Russia in Afghanistan when it might have been considered an organization but it has clearly outgrown any limits bw might wish to place on it. It’s not in the box so destroying the box doesn’t accomplish much. Look how much heat was generated in USA when Al Qaeda operatives killed a few thousand in WTC. Imagine the furore in the muslim world when USA helped Israel come to be and when USA invaded Afghanistan. The USA has killed hundreds of thousands of muslims in various campaigns: Gulf I and II, Afghanistan, Iraq… They all had friends, relatives and influenced the angry young people who seek revenge and overthrowing. Al Qaeda is growing, not dying.

  11. bw says:

    You don’t seem to understand the concept of Al Qaeda

    I don’t think that you understand. If you want to say Al Quada is the aggregation of any and all psychopaths who ever plan or execute heinous acts against innocent people, all you end up with is a label. If Al Quada cannot centrally direct and coordinate their efforts, which is more or less the case today, then they are defeated. You try to do the same with your notion of product in another thread, labeling a “PC product” as essentially anything that is electronic and Microsoft does not sell software as part of.

    Ask the British how it was fighting farmers hiding behind rocks and trees (US Revolution)

    The Brits were doing fine fighting the farmers behind the rocks. It was Washington’s army that was their undoing. I guess you guys don’t have much of a feel for revolution.

    The Arab world and the Muslim world refuse to be governed by USA and its puppets

    I would be eager to hear just who you consider to be a USA “puppet”.

  12. bw wrote of the Boston Bombers, “They are not part of any organized Al Quada effort.”

    You don’t seem to understand the concept of Al Qaeda. It’s organized locally and motivated globally. So there never was nor will be an “organized effort”. Read the Al Qaeda training manual. It’s all about keeping active groups small and agile, not an easy target unless you happen to be at the right place at the right time. Since the organization is local there’s no way to gain that intelligence except by an horrendous expenditure of resources, probably greater than the GDP of USA. Ask the British how it was fighting farmers hiding behind rocks and trees (US Revolution). The more extreme the British reaction, the more recruits the rebels had. There never became a “central command” in USA until after the battle was won for the hearts and minds. Then it was just a matter of time. The war became too expensive for Britain.

    It all comes down to government failure in the absence of acceptance by the governed. Al Qaeda is just one of the more extreme movements in a very widespread hatred of USA for actions of USA: Israel (~1948 until now), overthrowing a democratic government in Iran (1953), Suez meddling (1956), oil everywhere, propping up dictatorships (Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, …). The Arab world and the Muslim world refuse to be governed by USA and its puppets. Accept that. Get your government to accept that and treat people with respect.

  13. bw says:

    That’s how the partisans and others nibbled at the German army in WWII

    Good observation. All the more reason for the US to get out of Afghanistan sooner than later and whatever might still be in Iraq, too. Also the obvious reason not to go near Syria. We have tremendous stand-off capability and do not have to come in harm’s way in order to devastate a threat if we are not worried about any collateral damage. It is when we try to be caring and considerate of the innocents that we become exposed.

    Consider just the Boston Bombers

    They are not part of any organized Al Quada effort. They are just looney tunes that seem to come along with some regularity these days ala’ the school shootings and such. One is dead and the other soon will be once we get a fair trial organized.

    Can you say “Return On Investment”?

    You are proposing the bygone strategy of “Kill them all and let the Devil sort them out!”, eh? That may be the most efficient and effective way to do things of this nature, but it would not be acceptable to the US people. Isolation, though, would find a lot of backers and most likely enough to sway an election.

  14. oiaohm says:

    Al Qaeda is something the CIA created to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. The problem with creating a terrorist group you can never be sure they will not attempt to kill the one that created them.

  15. bw wrote, “I don’t think that Al Quada and the Taliban are riding very high now, though, in spite of their on-going enhanced, if we can believe your pat theory, recruitment.”

    Boston Bombers, Libya, Yemen, Mali… are not fresh in your memory? You need to watch CNN more. Every few weeks there are major actions for which the world has no real defence only reaction. That’s how the partisans and others nibbled at the German army in WWII to cause them to deploy hundreds of thousands of troops all over Europe instead of on battle-fronts where they could kick ass. All the Germans could do was slaughter civilians and raize their villages in retaliation. There is no really good defence against irregular warfare except not being a problem. The USA seems to prefer to be a problem and then spend $trillions reacting to the reaction. Strange…

    Consider just the Boston Bombers. That cost Al Qaeda what? An instruction manual posted on the web? What was the cost to USA? ~$100million in overtime for police/FBI, mayhem, shutting down Boston for a while… Can you say “Return On Investment”? I’d say Al Qaeda recruited hundreds who will vow to avoid mistakes and do a “better” job for all that coverage. Now, would Al Qaeda even exist and be focussed on USA if USA had not propped up Israel and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq? Perhaps, but they would have had a much harder job recruiting agents.

  16. bilbophile wrote, ” I would be very interested to know how you would combine the passive measures you have already listed with active measures of noise and randomness generation to avoid detection and limit intrusions.”

    I don’t know. The randomness of my brain would be a start. While I have patterns of activity, I have a poor memory and don’t do planning well. That’s a random walk in cyberspace. Perhaps I could set up a bot to do hits on “random pages” or such…

    On the passive measures, I have located a 1TB drive not in use and will move my local copy of Wikipedia there. The importation is slow and should be done in a month or so… I am part way through “A*” now.

  17. oiaohm says:

    bilbophile active measure is encrypt as much as able. Even stuff that is not that important. Reduced easy pickings equals increased operating costs. So making it more worth while to go by the courts and face the fall out when they are wrong.

    Really it needs everyone working as more of a unified group. If you were collecting pentabytes of heavily encrypted data it would not be much use at all.

    Costy and protracted enough is what encryption does.

  18. oiaohm says:

    bw there is a big problem most terrorists are not overseas people. Look at the recent Boston bombings. So you are a idiot as normal restricting movement will not prevent USA from being attacked.

    Only option is the Moral high ground. Chemo-therapy excuse does not work bw. You don’t give enough Chemo-therapy to kill the person. You are not allowing for how vengeance works. This is human nature you see someone else being abused there is sometimes a strong motivation to step in to protect them. This twisted becomes a suicide bomber.

    Yes a civilian injured who is followed up with free medical care due to error. Is way less likely to hate you than a civilian killed. If your method generates hate you will have more and more terrorists to deal with. Some home grown.

    The time for quarantine method has ended.

    In fact isolating them completely allows rumours about how bad they are being treated to create terrorism.

    bw you have it backwards. Really you want great media coverage of what is going on. With your forces always doing the right thing with no way to find them doing the wrong thing. Terriorism requires a cause to fight for normally because someone is being unfairly victimised. So no Victim no Terrorism.

    Yes same problem faced the USA in the past.

  19. bilbophile says:

    Welcome to the paranoids’ club Mr. Pogson!
    May suggest you to avoid being a sitting duck.

    So, firstly, start from the assumption that everything about you is or will shortly be known to “them”. Therefore, don’t attempt to hide your overarching goals and strategies as this is only gong to confuse us, your followers.

    Secondly, try to create as much noise as you possibly can and to be as unpredictable as possible to avoid generating any meaningful pattern.

    Only in the third place, secure (encrypt, firewall, lock etc.) everything to the best of your abilities. Being a paranoid does not mean “they” are not after you. This is going to ensure (very) short-term confidentiality at best, but is going to be useful in identifying the source of the leaks and will increase “their” opportunity costs.

    Finally all these are going to help you only as long as you are not the lowest hanging fruit. If/when you become one, consider yourself at war with “them” and only war means will work.

    Somebody defined governments as tax farms. If̩when you find yourself at war remember this is a war between the tax farm management and their livestock. As the British Government discovered in America over two centuries ago, farmers Рwhatever their technical and financial superiority Рcannot win this war if the livestock make it costly and protracted enough.

    On a serious note now, as a non-specialist, I would be very interested to know how you would combine the passive measures you have already listed with active measures of noise and randomness generation to avoid detection and limit intrusions.

  20. bw says:

    I haven’t seen Al Qaeda nor the Taliban losing heart in any way

    All in all, you will notice that I agree with you, at least as far as the whole exercise of trying to civilize these animal being futile. I think you can re-read my comments and see that.

    I don’t think that Al Quada and the Taliban are riding very high now, though, in spite of their on-going enhanced, if we can believe your pat theory, recruitment. They are forced to live in hiding and suffer fatal consequences any time that they reveal themselves. Certainly Bin Laden “sleeps with the fishes” to borrow a phrase from movies gone by.

    I think that the real problem is due to the very existence of these malcontents who plot endlessly to terrorize the civilized nations. It is not just the USA. There are enough attacks on European, Mid-Eastern, and Asian countries by the same folk to make it much more of a world problem. When do you predict the world, as you say, will get tired of it and do something about it themselves?

    The solution can only be to isolate the areas that are the sources of these infections from the rest of the civilized world. That will necessitate some harsh treatments of certain groups, but it is the only way to solve the problem. Think of it as a sort of chemo-therapy that is needed to ensure the demise of the cancerous cells that has a bad affect on the healthy ones as well.

    Start by not allowing residents of these regions to travel throughout the world at their whimsy. If you live in Yemen, you are stuck in Yemen and, until the Yemenis manage to cleanse themselves of Al Quada, they should remain stuck in Yemen.

    To give them a little focus, cut off cell phones, internet, cable and satellite media, and other amenities of civilized life on earth. It is easy enough to do this and takes no lives on any side of the issue.

    If, after some appropriate period of time, say 50 years, they can show that they have learned to behave and can reapply for world citizenship. They would be on probation, though, and at the first sign of recidivism, it is back into hack.

    The same could be done with local tribal areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan and any other stan where these groups thrive today. Most of them would rather be left alone anyway.

  21. oiaohm says:

    bw being one the the largest arms makers as the USA is. There is far more control over the world the USA can apply by applying export and controls on what happens to those weapons.

    The big problem here you cannot convict a person before they commit a crime. Spying is limited usefulness.

    No matter how much intelligence data you collect does not stop people making IED and other weapons.

    bw its the old sayings the pen in mightier than the sword with its mirror its about Winning Hearts and Minds.

    For a USA cit you don’t understand your own history bw. Second president of the United States is where this comes from to end the American Revolutionary War.

    In fact a person like the Second President of the USA is who we need to sort out the current messes.

    The idea that there is good or bad Muslims does not help you win. There are criminals and non criminals. To win the war of hearts and minds you have to be willing to punish the criminals in your own ranks. Yes killing non-combatants should be openly prosecuted. Should not matter if its a terrorist or a USA soldier.

    Robert Pogson losing thousands of solders in iraq might have got somewhere if the USA held the moral high ground. Allowing double tap drone strikes and other underhanded and wrong things took away USA moral high ground.

    Without the moral high ground insurgencies don’t end. With the modern age insurgencies are not limited by country boarders.

    USA needs a president who will take back the moral high ground. Fight by the rules of war.

    Think about it this way bw. A non Muslim refuge might end up in the USA and to terrorism on the USA. Why because they happen to be related to a first responder that a USA double tap idea killed.

    Killing non combatants is not forbin by UN rules of engagement for no reason. It was historically agreed to be a really bad idea had has the habit of causing revenge killings.

    Most of the Muslim issue is revenge for harmed done. As the saying goes “Eye for Eye leaves both parties bind”. USA is attempting eye for a eye. As long as that goes on the fighting against the USA overseas and on USA home soil will not end.

    bw get the problem yet. Kick them out the country completely how do you know. Most bombers hide the fact they are Musilm.

    Really if a people like you bw had of been in change of the USA on both sides in the American Revolutionary War there would be no USA today. You would have fort and road blocked each other into destruction.

    Yes current day Presidents method of handing Iraq and other Mulisum countries would also have destroyed the USA if it was done the same way American Revolutionary War.

    American Revolutionary War was also differing point of view with no compromise leading to blood shed.

    Yes dominating force was also used in the American Revolutionary War. Also was not successful in the insurgency. Then you have the America Indian mess.

    Really with the USA history the USA people should be able to handle these messes well. All I can think is USA cits are poorly educated about there own history.

  22. bw, writing like an “ugly American”, wrote, ” For a couple of hundred years now we have pretty much taken on all comers and ended up on top. A lot of money spent for nothing, of course, since being on top of these miserable curs does not convey much glory, but we can make things pretty miserable for those who oppose us.”

    Losing thousands of soldiers lives in Afghanistan and Iraq accomplished what? I haven’t seen Al Qaeda nor the Taliban losing heart in any way. For every person USA killed in the last decade, five have leapt into the breach. The USA is a recruitment drive for USA’s enemies. That does not seem like making people miserable. It gives people a reason to live and to die, taking as many as possible along for the ride. Indeed, Al Qaeda needed only a few $million to get the USA to expend $billions annually on defence/security for nothing. They are out-performing USA. Al Qaeda is thriving and surviving while USA locks itself up in its own prison.

  23. oiaohm says:

    bw funny enough most of the spy data collected is not helping to prevent terrorism.

    Those serous about doing harm are normally better at taken care of their privacy.

  24. bw says:

    founded on concepts of DARPA. Now NSA is cashing in

    Just what do you think should happen? The DOD is the business end and NSA is the thinking end of the same stick. For a couple of hundred years now we have pretty much taken on all comers and ended up on top. A lot of money spent for nothing, of course, since being on top of these miserable curs does not convey much glory, but we can make things pretty miserable for those who oppose us.

    At the current time we are on a sort of fool’s mission that is trying to excise the bad Muslims from the good Muslims. In the process a lot of damage to people posing as good Muslims is being done. We should quit that altogether and just isolate them from our shores, which we could do effectively, leaving only those who can walk or swim to be dealt with.

    Senator Rubio has a solution for taking care of that or at least turning the supposed invasion in to a benign case of people working for minimum wages and paying some tax.

    You, I remember, are the one clamoring for more US involvement in places like Syria. Would you not allow the US to use their spy mechanisms to do that job? No matter. It is not going to happen and the world is going to have to sort that one out on its own. Once it sees the problem, of course, and gets around to doing something about it.

  25. dougman says:

    As NSA describes it, they collect 29.21 petabytes of data a day. That means NSA is “touching” more data than Google processes every day (a mere 20 petabytes).

  26. dougman wrote, “The only safe and true means of getting out from under the mess is to totally unplug.”

    Even that’s not true. You have to stay underground and wear tinfoil hats…

    The Internet is founded on concepts of DARPA. Now NSA is cashing in on that investment. The world now sees the problem and will do something about it. I think if we can’t/won’t pull the plug we should unplug USA from the Internet, as if it were a source of malware.

  27. dougman says:

    Robert, did you watch the Binney video?


    One can change operating systems and browsers all they like, but in the end, your data WILL be captured and stored.

    The only safe and true means of getting out from under the mess is to totally unplug.

  28. oiaohm says:

    bw cisco systems is not the only router maker.

    Yes lot of the ones from china only keep the log until the router is powered off or 12 hours is up.

    So there is a time frame from time receiving message until holes start appearing in the trace back route.

    Yes lots of the anti-china made routers is the fact they destruct their logs as required by their government policy.

    Fun right you home router turns out to be wifi and hacked by a terriorest it gets back traced to you and you get nuked bw.

    You are not very bright bw. You are the kind of person who ends up as a drone strike causality.

  29. bw says:

    NSA has backdoors in routers

    If that worries you for some reason, then rest assured that your worries about backdoors are false. NSA doesn’t need any such backdoor, they have a wide open front door.

    I had lunch with a Cisco product guy a few years ago (at a Microsoft Tech-Ed Conference, no less) and he was describing the way that Cisco routers keep continuous logs of packets passed from one router node to another. If you had a message from somewhere on the internet, it was possible to backtrack it to the first node in the chain via information now being kept automatically. A simple subpoena to the owner off the network is sufficient to get the log data in handy to use form. I would assume that it would work in reverse as well.

    So if you found a source of a suspected terrorist message, you could then, starting at the first network node, trace who the recipients might be for any subsequent messages from that IP address. If it is a dial-up, then you can capture the phone number of the originator. Once you refine this down, you can send a drone out to cancel their service.

  30. d. wrote, “I’m curious, what do you have against wikipedia?”

    NSA will likely monitor the traffic going to/from any site that has high volume and involves research. NSA wants to know what people are thinking about. Also it’s in the USA so everyone in the network will cooperate “in the interests of national security”… If I dump the whole thing and use a local copy they will know less about what I am thinking. As far as I know tech sites like ZDnet and others are less interesting to NSA. My biggest fear is that NSA has backdoors in routers, stuff they accused Huawei about. I think it takes a thief to know a thief.

  31. oiaohm says:

    d. the reality of this mess is a lot of Linux people have run there own person wikipedia’s. If you download the complete thing there is no mapping of usage that can be made to your access preferences.

    What NSA is after to collect is profiling data.

    d. the problem here is as well if Google is no saint neither is Microsoft or Facebook. In fact Microsoft and Facebook is worse. Services like outlook.com, Facebook and bing all the data storage of it is in the USA so subject to NSA laws. Google search and Gmail on the other hand is spread over servers spread world wide. So not everyone data is subject to NSA laws.

    Google is a closer saint than Microsoft is.

    Going into the Pacific does not help you that much same with moving up to satellite. This level of surveillance was first developed in Australia to hunt down Julian Assange and his friends when they were young and breaking into government facilities. Has kept on evolving since then. Yes julian Assange was first hunted down for computer crimes with warnentless traffic captures.

    The big problem is the lack of usage of encryption. Thinking how to do pgp emails has existed for years when was the last time you received an encrypted email.

    Also robert read the monitoring map. Any traffic moving without encryption past the monitoring points is goes on record for sure.

  32. d. says:

    No one likes being told “told you so” so I won’t, but glad you finally see that Google is not a saint of free software…

    However I’m curious, what do you have against wikipedia?

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