Mistakes Being Corrected In IT In Swiss Schools

As in many places, M$ leveraged its monopoly into school systems in Switzerland so most students would be familiar with M$’s products. More schools are waking up to being slaves of M$, providing free indoctrination in a monopolist’s products. Switzerland is an example. There the government cancelled a “volume purchasing” agreement that left schools with higher costs. The cancellation was a result of suspicion of illegality…
“schools are facing increased costs when renewing licences of their proprietary applications. The advocacy group says that moving to open source lessens the schools’ dependence on IT vendors. The group refers to the Canton of Geneva as a practical example. "There, the Department of Education is switching several thousands of school workstations to Ubuntu Linux and LibreOffice. The canton is in no way affected by the cancelled proprietary licence contract."”

see /ch/open: 'Swiss schools should switch to using open source'.

Isn’t that the last straw? If one reflects, there are no good reasons for choosing M$’s OS and in the Dark Ages someone made the mistake of getting on M$’s treadmill. That decision has resulted in untold $millions being siphoned from educational budgets into a product with negative value (re-re-re-boots, malware, issues with drivers, forced upgrades, early obsolescence of hardware…). It’s a better time to fix the problem late rather than never, to stop the bleeding. I recommend schools use Debian GNU/Linux and LibreOffice. They worked for me in several schools.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. ChillyPenguin wrote, “still try to tell you that Microsoft’s crimes were “all 30 years ago” and “it’s a changed company now”.”

    They have shed a lot of the top guys. Besides Gates, most are now less than 20 years on the job. It is possible for humans to change or to be changed. That change could drag the company along with it but I doubt the board wants to shock the big shareholders. Rumour has it that Steve B made a $billion in his stock portfolio on the news… Is that insider trading? I guess he will hang onto his shares for a “decent interval”.

  2. ChillyPenguin says:

    Six years ago, Microsoft was charging British schools a license fee for every PC they had, whether they had Microsoft software on them or not:


    Yet Microsoft apologists in the press still try to tell you that Microsoft’s crimes were “all 30 years ago” and “it’s a changed company now”.

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