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Pulling Back From The Cloud

While, technically, using the cloud is the right thing to do, it does share vulnerability. Lately, the furore over NSA capturing the web has made me rethink that. RMS was right. To be really FREE you have to use trusted … Continue reading

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Turkmenistan, Champion of Free Software

One thing I don’t like about StatCounter, besides their numbers, is that many countries list only 7 operating systems, conveniently lumping either GNU/Linux or Android/Linux in with “Other”. Turkmenistan is one that shows both… Date Win7 WinXP iOS Android MacOSX … Continue reading

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Mistakes Being Corrected In IT In Swiss Schools

As in many places, M$ leveraged its monopoly into school systems in Switzerland so most students would be familiar with M$’s products. More schools are waking up to being slaves of M$, providing free indoctrination in a monopolist’s products. Switzerland … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Update: Steve Ballmer to retire in 12 months

Just when I thought the world of IT had settled into a boring series of non-announcements… “Microsoft Corp said on Friday that Chief Executive Steve Ballmer will retire within the next 12 months, once it completes the process of choosing … Continue reading

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The “Cancer” Needs No Cure

The layers of FUD that M$ has thrown over IT for decades are disintegrating. Even Ireland, which hosts M$’s outpost in Europe is discovering that FLOSS works for them… “IT companies no longer tell public administrations that open source is … Continue reading

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LibreOffice Saves Valencia A Ton Of Money

“The administration of the Spanish autonomous region of Valencia has completed its switch to LibreOffice, a free and open source suite of office productivity applications. Last week Friday the region’s ICT department announced that the office suite is installed on … Continue reading

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