Yes, Our Monopoly Stands On Its Own. We Don’t Bribe Anyone.

“US Department of Justice and watchdog the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are expanding an existing, preliminary probe into whether Microsoft employees and business partners had used bribes to secure certain deals.”

see Microsoft 'cooperates' with wide US cash-for-contracts bribery probe.

Ever wondered why M$ manages to sell licences to all kinds of folks even when GNU/Linux is a better option, with a lower price, better performance and fewer problems? It just may be that big businesses, governments, schools, and organizations that have large numbers of system, are being manipulated by a few well-placed bribes. “Here’s a little something for the wife and kids if we get the contract…
Thanks for the contract! Here are the keys to a condo on the Riviera. Enjoy next week.
You know, in view of your imminent retirement, I should offer you this sum if you upgrade your fleet to our latest offering. It will be good for everyone…”

Large organizations are honey-pots for M$. A few resources directed the right way can yield multiple $millions in revenue. It doesn’t even have to be legal if there are a few layers of deniability left in place.

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4 Responses to Yes, Our Monopoly Stands On Its Own. We Don’t Bribe Anyone.

  1. oiaohm says:

    bw is not finding and reporting the bribes and other things Microsoft is using also not marketing.

    Lets be a little more aware bw that the Linux undermining of Microsoft has still be funded.

    Only a fool brings full attention to your own product when you know its has issues.

  2. oiaohm says:

    “You call it bribery because your team has no funds to create any incentives for anyone to work with your product.”
    You are telling miss truths again. Linux world does have funds for incentives. Last major Linux desktop incentives push was 2003.

    That produced a list of items that had to be repaired before attempting again. 2003 is when the legal cases start in the EU.

    Linux funds that should really go into pushing Linux Desktop have gone into pushing standard file-formats and network protocols.

    bw so the funds are there to create and PR push incentives. Ok what was the other requirements.

    Death of X11 or X11 made secure. This is wayland. Mir is showing some security issues.
    Own hardware platforms. This is ARM items that are appearing.

    Linux world has been very busy laying foundations.

    bw this is your big problem people like me know that the Linux Desktop world is in a dominate state of funding. With most of the funding being directed to back end critical things like video card drivers that work. We also know this will end being required direction of majority of funds at some point.

    sailfish os and tizen are both using wayland.

    First 50 000 Sailfish OS phones are already sold out.

    Surface flinger in Android can be replaced by Wayland.

    Going forwards is going to be interesting. 1 solution server to run all platforms.

    bw the clock is ticking. The fusion of platforms can happen on Linux once distributions start shipping with Wayland.

    Other things to force the fusion is the framebuffer framework being worked on being removed from Linux kernel. Framebuffer framework is Linux first graphical output system. The system Linux had before it had X11. The system no video card maker ever supported. Linux death on desktop tracks to a split. Most Linux mobile phones in history used framebuffer. Most desktop Linuxs used X11.

    Force of the Linux world has been divided.

    Wayland design pushing the processing back on the applications. Also frees wayland to do cross distribution interfaces.

    Wayland is quite a radical change. With quite radical effects. Just like a chroot text terminal works great a chroot wayland application should also work great.

    Wayland removes a road block that prevents distributions from unifying.

  3. bw says:

    Ever wondered why M$ manages to sell licences to all kinds of folks even when GNU/Linux is a better option, with a lower price

    The answer is simple. Microsoft sells their products. It is an active process. Sitting around smugly declaring yourself to be superior does not effectively reach out to the people who actually buy things. Perhaps Linux is superior, although I don’t think so myself. I do know for a fact that it is totally impotent when it comes to presenting itself in any market that I am familiar with.

    The name of the sales game has always been exposure, whether that is media space advertising or just feet on the street for high-tech products, it has always been the case the “fustest with the mustest” will likely be the winner.

    You call it bribery because your team has no funds to create any incentives for anyone to work with your product. Microsoft know how the process works and takes care of such details and has been very effective over the past 30 years. Linux has sat in the starting blocks, unable to move. When any Linux entity does get going and tries to compete, the Linux “community” huffs and sneers at their efforts such as the way Ubuntu is held in contempt due to their UI.

  4. dougman says:

    Entryism and Bribes, this is the M$ way…See this is what BIll Gates and M$ bribes newspapers and blogs for, at the expense of about $300,000,000 per year they call it “advocacy” rather than “bribing the media”

    Lets not forget the bribing of users to use Bing in the beginning:

    Another prime example of M$ bribery:

    Windows phone is not doing so well, so M$ resorts to bribing developers:

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