Adobe Starts Brackets From Scratch As A Web Tool For GNU/Linux

Adobe may be in too deep with some of its products to easily port them to GNU/Linux but “Adobe is now building out a number of new Web development tools, among them is the open-source Brackets code editor that is now available as a preview for Linux users. The Linux support currently is as a debian package, and it joins existing support for Windows and Mac OS X.”

see Open-Source Adobe Brackets Web Development Comes to Linux.

Perhaps the ubiquity of GNU/Linux on web servers that convinced Adobe to go this way or perhaps it’s the rapid growth of GNU/Linux on the client side but it’s a better move late than never.
GNU-Linux_Share_Weekly_2012_week_33 Obviously, all ISVs should try to get ahead of the curve.

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  1. Agent_Smith says:

    Humm, what I saw of Brackets, seemed like a poor man’s what ever. We have many more effective and useful tools, for web development, than Brackets. We have Eclipse, with the proper plugins, Netbeans (which I use with PHP+HTML5 plugins), Kompozer (a very nice Dreamweaver clone), and Aptana studio. Adobe will have to sweat more, if they intend to gain any traction on GNU/Linux side of web development.

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