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While Mark Shuttleworth Is Pessimistic About Ubuntu GNU/Linux Desktops, They Rock

Canonical is a great company. They have done more than many companies to spread Free Software around the planet. Despite their good effects for Free Software they are still a business and reflect on their bottom line. That’s a bit … Continue reading

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Yet Another School System Thrives on FLOSS

People still doubt my claims that GNU/Linux and FLOSS thrives in education but my experience in the bush in northern Canada is not unique. It is happening everywhere. “It has been more than 12 years since our school district’s first … Continue reading

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Tablet PC, Tablet PC, Tablet PC

The strategy early on for M$ was to equate “personal computer” with a computer running their OS. That’s all gone now. When a retailer like Wal-mart has the temerity to use a term like “Tablet PC”, they are going off-script. … Continue reading

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