One Laptop per Student (OLPC) Made a Big Impact In St. Vincent And The Grenadines

“On Monday February 28, 2011 another shipment of just under 13,000 net books is anticipated to arrive at the E.T. Joshua Airport. During the month of March 2011, the Ministry of Education will deliver an aggressive public awareness effort at the level of the educational institutions.”

via One Laptop per Student.

The impact of that was felt on the webstats at StatCounter soon after:

OLPC From Portugal and Venezuela Flooded in ~April 2011

OLPC From Portugal and Venezuela Flooded in ~April 2011

Don’t be alarmed that the page-view-share dropped off. That’s because the government expanded Internet access and encouraged every way they could for SVG residents to enter the Information Age. The country was flooded with commercially distributed PCs. Even today, GNU/Linux ranks with the likes of XP and Vista in StV&G. One thing is sure. A lot of students now know and are comfortable with GNU/Linux. 😉

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