Google/Qualcomm Relent On Binary Distribution Of Drivers

“According to the listing on the Google Developers web site, the Qualcomm file includes the necessary files to support graphics, the camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the sensors, media playback, DRM, DSP, and USB. Between the binary files and the factory image, a user should be able to restore their device back to a stock condition running the JSS15J version of Android 4.3. More importantly, developers can now move ahead with development of custom ROMs for the tablet.
The question that seems to remain now is whether Jean Baptiste-Queru will also reverse course and withdraw his resignation as the Android open source manager for Google.”

see Google posts binaries and factory image for new Nexus 7, including controversial Qualcomm files.

There it is. Qualcomm apparently decided with Google that a bit more openness was a good thing even if it is not opening the source code of those drivers. Was it an oversight? Was it a change in policy? Is Qualcomm going to become more open? We shall see.

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