Linux-3.10 Long Term Support

uname -a
Linux beast 3.10.5 #1 SMP Sun Aug 4 06:02:55 CDT 2013 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Beast and I are good then… Greg Kroah-Hartman has nominated 3.10 for long term support.
“I’m picking this kernel after spending a lot of time talking about kernel releases, and product releases and development schedules from a large range of companies and development groups. I couldn’t please everyone, but I think that the 3.10 kernel fits the largest common set of groups that rely on the longterm kernel releases.”

see Longterm kernel 3.10.

This is cool! I have found not a single problem in nearly a year of using Greg’s releases. I just build them and they work. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all FLOSS projects ran as smoothly?

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