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While the world dithers … “British intelligence had put the number of people killed in the attacks at more than 350. The U.S. report quadrupled the death toll to 1,429. Kerry said that more than 400 of them were children.” … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Google Unite… Just this once

In a rare example of Google and M$ joining forces to make the world a better place… “negotiations with the government over permission "…to publish sufficient data relating to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) orders" have faltered. Both Microsoft and … Continue reading

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Wintel Outlook Shrinks

“While the results of the second quarter were in line with forecast, a number of issues led IDC to further downgrade its PC outlook. Aside from stubbornly depressed consumer interest, 2013 also marks the first year where emerging regions are … Continue reading

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Tor is something I am investigating as part of my withdrawal from the cloud. Ironically, it is a sort of cloud in itself, providing global proxies for navigating the web based on cooperating clients. Ironically, again, it was initiated for … Continue reading

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Retail Shelf-space For GNU/Linux PCs

I was reading a decent article about buying PCs with GNU/Linux installed. It all comes down to retail shelf-space and even in a country like Brazil where millions of GNU/Linux PCs are manufactured each year, it is difficult to find … Continue reading

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A Keyboard To Love

Beast’s old keyboard is getting very old. I bought it while I was teaching in the Arctic back in 2005. I have written thousands of blog posts and documents since then and it has been flawless. The secret’s in the … Continue reading

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Banning Software Patents

Governments shouldn’t have to do this. It’s obvious that software is obvious and subject to copyright. Software has to be obvious or stupid computes wouldn’t be able to figure out what has to be done. Software is obvious like telephone … Continue reading

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Dell and HP! Your Folly Is Not Clinging To Consumer PC business But M$

Two of the biggest OEMs of PCs have buried their heads in the sands of Wintel so far they don’t see the real problem, that M$ is raking off the profits, leaving them with tiny margins. “Dell clings to the … Continue reading

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Developers! Developers! Developers! Let’s Run Them Over With This Bus

Chuckle. M$, which rode to power on the backs of developers and OEMs and retailers, is kicking them all as if those slaves were masochists. The latest beating is the release of “8.1” to OEMs but not to developers, even … Continue reading

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Fixing The House Of Syria After The Fire Engulfs The Main Floor

The time to have intervened in Syria was two or more years ago when it was just a skirmish in comparison to today. Now, Tehran and Al Qaeda and others are in it up to their eyeballs and the old … Continue reading

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Pulling Back From The Cloud

While, technically, using the cloud is the right thing to do, it does share vulnerability. Lately, the furore over NSA capturing the web has made me rethink that. RMS was right. To be really FREE you have to use trusted … Continue reading

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Turkmenistan, Champion of Free Software

One thing I don’t like about StatCounter, besides their numbers, is that many countries list only 7 operating systems, conveniently lumping either GNU/Linux or Android/Linux in with “Other”. Turkmenistan is one that shows both… Date Win7 WinXP iOS Android MacOSX … Continue reading

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