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OEMs Are Seeing The Light

“Acer and Asustek have been pushing forward in marketing hardware/software-integrated cloud computing solutions focusing on educational applications and web storage, respectively, according to the companies.” see Acer, Asustek actively marketing cloud computing solutions. For more than a decade, OEMs have … Continue reading

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Small, Cheap, Nearly Perfect Home Server

These days homes may have many client computers. There is a need for small cheap home servers for backup, file-serving, collaboration, etc. “If you’ve got several different computers in need of a consistent and automated backup strategy, the RPi can … Continue reading

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OMG! Now We Have Small Cheap Supercomputer Boards

A shaky start with a Kickstarter project has brought a small cheap supercomputer node to market. Stack them up and you have a lot of computing power in one box… “Olofsson grabbed two 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switches and 42 of … Continue reading

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