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Ubuntu Edge – Big Idea In A Small Package

Canonical is attempting to ship an actual smartphone that will do just about everything a smartphone can and also serve as a desktop PC delivering Ubuntu GNU/Linux to a monitor/keyboard/mouse when docked. By crowd-sourcing a wad of capital they plan … Continue reading

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A Peek At What Some Governments Are Doing With FLOSS

Free/Libre Open Source Software is the right way to do IT. Concrete examples of doing IT the right way can be seen in governments adopting FLOSS. For example, every government of any size needs a way to manage assets. A … Continue reading

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Developing With FLOSS Is All About The Product

When using non-free software, one is always constrained by the licence. Do we have a copy? Do we have a licence to do this? What will be the ultimate cost of N licences? Do we have a budget? Do we … Continue reading

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