Digitimes Warns Wintel Of Dismal Future

M$’s writeoff of huge inventories of RT PCs is just the tip of the iceberg that Wintel has struck.
“The retail channel is currently facing serious excessive inventory troubles as most retailers are still unable to finish digesting their Ivy Bridge-based PC inventories and could be working on clearing the inventories for the rest of 2013, according to sources from channel retailers.”

see Channel retailers see trouble clearing PC inventories.

Wintel just cannot compete against FLOSS on ARM if M$ and Intel don’t toss their high-priced model. OEMs are fleeing to */Linux on small cheap computers. In my own home Wintel is dead. All of my PCs do run Intel or AMD except for tablets and smartphones but my next purchase may well be an ARMed PC. I have spent more money on a new motherboard and PSU to keep Beast alive than it would cost to get a good ARMed system up and running. For example, I could buy the up-coming descendant of Trimslice, Utilite.

“Powered by Freescale i.MX6 system-on-chip, Utilite is the next generation of CompuLab’s highly acclaimed Trim-Slice computer. Featuring a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, up-to 4GB RAM and dual-head 1080p display output, Utilite expands the 2011 Trim-Slice offering with up-to twice the performance and less than half the starting price of $99. Designed into an elegant “zero-screws” housing and measuring only 5.3” x 3.9” x 0.8”, Utilite provides unprecedentedly rich I/O with dual GbE, 5 USB ports, 802.11 WiFi and Bluetooth.”

see Utilite.

While Utilite may be a little light on performance compared to Beast’s AMD 64 Phenom II processor, the cost of the whole system starts less than the cost of Beast’s RAM. Power consumption is 8W or less and there’s no fan to collect dust. I probably should replace Beast’s ancient keyboard with a USB model and the monitor could be improved with HDMI as well. I could switch from hard drives to SSD. My present hard drives could go into a NAS or USB storage array. I could put the savings I have from not buying Wintel into hardware that actually does something for me.

Good-bye, Wintel.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm wrote, “Arc welders remain because we cannot find another solution that works as well for joining metal. But is really simple to forget where arc welders come from. When you forget that you forget why they they can be harmful in indirect ways.”

    I have been arc-welding since 1988 and never observed any RFI even playing a radio up close. Not a flicker. An arc is a very low impedance source. It doesn’t radiate. It doesn’t pulse. The plasma has a lifetime of milliseconds even with the current cut. It’s a very low frequency source and short antennae pick up nothing. An arc-welding process is nothing like the ancient spark-gap transmitters which shock-excited a resonator. They put kilovolt pulses into an antenna. A welder like mine has 70 volts open circuit and maintains a stable arc at around 28 volts.

  2. dougman says:

    I hope no one is planning on purchasing one of these MS Return-IT devices, they will just end up like a host of other M$ sponsored hardware that went nowhere except the trash bin.

    Microsoft upped the ante with Surface RT however, giving it twice the memory (32GB) of Apple’s entry level iPad (16GB). Of course, Microsoft also squandered all that specification advantage by using Windows, which likes to take up lots of space.

    Windows RT is so bloated, 12-13GB for an OS? Why??? My Linux Mint install only required 6GB of space on the “/” partition and 1.5GB for the “swap” partition.

    According to the bill of materials estimate by iSuppli, the Surface RT cost Microsoft about $284, of which the firm stated that “Microsoft will generate a profit margin that is greater than the low-end iPad, in percentage terms and on a per-unit basis.”

    See, if M$ were seriously interested in these Return-IT devices, they would be selling them at cost as Amazon does with their Kindles.

    In further thought, at least no one will use these in a BYOD role, they are JUNK!

  3. oiaohm says:

    Its interesting wikipedia does not cover spark gap dipole. The non spark gap monopole does not obey the same rules. Yes what can appear to be a monopole with a spark gap can to your damnation be a dipole and transmit on a completely different freq to what is expected.

    Note I only mentioned 1 pole. The other half of the system that makes the dipole in the spark gap like welding is the work you are welding against. Spark gap dipole is a miss balanced dipole. This kind of transmitter is forbid from normal production. The documents on these are the work of Guglielmo Marconi.

    The modern day arc welder refinement is part a by product of Guglielmo Marconi work into the radio transmitter properties of metals and alloys. This is one of the spitting facts between Tesla and Marconi. The thing we forget is the core of a arc welder is a basic core of a arc gap radio transmitter a kind we don’t use any more. A kind we are forbid from producing intentionally. Reason why its forbin is the simple fact its broad frequency. Some have remade them as radio jammers. Arc welders over there years have reduced there radio foot print by having systems to suppress as much as possible and still weld.

    50 metres sound like a lot until you wake up that a core of a arc welder put into a system intentionally designed to transmit we are talking km/miles of jamming and relation to current day welders core was used by Marconi in some of his early transmitters.

    Yes material of welding rods and welding wire is designed to reduce the transmit power.

    I learnt about this from a prank I pulled on a person using a welder. Yes swapping in a few sparklers instead of welding rods. Yes do that a arc welder transmits way stronger. Then it came how come so much stuff went south.

    Some people might be thinking the math would be same as monopole. That is 1/4 of the target wavelength not 1/2 as a normal dipole. Yes old forbidden tech of arc transmitters and there aerials have slightly different rules to what you first expect. Interesting enough there is still alignment.

    Arc transmitters are evil beats minor alteration to there aerials and all kinds of bad things would happen to there transmitter strength and freq. Because its not just the size of the arc It is the material connected on each size of the arc that also effect the final transmission freqs.

    Yes arc transmitters are forbin because of there lack of controllability due to how they work. Arc welders remain because we cannot find another solution that works as well for joining metal. But is really simple to forget where arc welders come from. When you forget that you forget why they they can be harmful in indirect ways.

  4. oiaohm says:

    Yes samsung also does the source code releases before the binary releases all the time if they have altered from upstream.

    bw samsung is an extremely well behaved company.

  5. oiaohm says:

    bw I had presumed you had changed devices because you had done your homework.

    As a device magicjack does not really exist. They are Tiger560, Tiger560B and Tiger580 for the voip side. Fun right exported to different countries the so call magicjack box has different names. Included in the packaging is how to get the source code. Yes those items are above board.


    No that is just apple wasting the courts time. http://opensource.samsung.com/

    Samsung is a company who has for years published their source code.

    In fact in the annoncements there where it might appear not to list the source code lists where to download the source code.

    Samsungs are fairly well support by cyanogenmod due to them being forth coming. As well Samsung does not void warranty for third party firmware.

    There is one very naughty thing samsung does do samsung does not tell you what revision you have to download to match to a particular device. To find that out you have to get your mits on the device and query it.

    Nothing about a source code release has to make life simple for people who have not acquired the device.


    Yes this is one of the ones apple is after the source code from in that request the epic 4G and its was sitting on the samsung website since its release with every revision. Yes samsung lists by model number not product name as well. Owners of the devices have no problem getting the exact source code of their device from samsung since owner has model number. Someone attempting to patent attack samsung on the other hand has a very hard time.

    FOSS does include Android devices and lots of other devices non android by Samsung.

    Samsung does do a few closed source android apps but these are apps not core. Also samsung is also a odd one who does offer some of there closed source apps as free for other android phones to use.

    bw so where is the journalist fact checking a techradar.

    Since samsung uses google git repositories as reference when it has not changed the source code. Apple was wanting to prove that google had tampered with the history logs. Anyone who knows git know that is not possible without setting off major alarm bells.

    It also looks like Apple patent case against Samsung is going to get over turned because the patent does not cover Samsung devices any more after examination and taking account of prior art. Yes the patent claim has been narrowed.

    bw this is your problem. The biggest Android maker is a very well behaved company. Fully FOSS compliant. If you follow the case on you will also find that apple request was in the end rejected by judge for being groundless because the required source code was released.

    Yes just because you do everything right still does not stop companies from apple from being a annoying pest.

  6. bw says:

    utillite computer is fully conforming with source release requirements

    Maybe so, but the discussion was about MagicJack. Are you getting lazy and not reading all the posts?

    For that matter, what about all of these Android devices? A cursory look for “Samsung phone source code” turns up this:


    Apparently the source for these devices is not just lying around for anyone to peruse since Apple is trying for a court order to get to it. Does that mean that FLOSS does not include Android devices? That puts it back to square one, I would say, and back to the “<1%" row.

  7. oiaohm says:

    Wifi is in fact less at risk than some wireless keyboards and mice. Radio freq used by wireless keyboards and mice 27 MHz to up to 2.4 GHz. 27 MHz more likely to be generated than 2.4Ghz by arc welder.

    As you started you welding leads are about 25 Mhz to be correct they can be perfect for 27 Mhz. Due to this being lead resonance this would be constant signal and strong so yes a 27 Mhz keyboard and mouse combination might be dead in one weld.

    So some wireless keyboard and mice should not be anywhere near some welders due to the fact they are the wrong freq and not safe.

    There is also another source. If your welder is a stick based arc welder. Dipole length for 2.4Ghz is 2.5 inches long. So that last bit of welding stick becomes a perfect aerial with a very power system behind it to spit out a 2.4ghz transmission spike strong than lightning strike background noise tolerance requirement. Yes the full length stick puts out a different freq and lower.

    This is one of these nasty things. There are a lot of little things about arc welders that making them the worst RF source to try to track down. Stick based by nature generates broad spectrum of one off hits. Mig/line feed if you have issues its normally because someone has done something stupid like using locktight(and other non conductive materials) to hold the metal tip on so voiding the caging around the wire so now allowing a 2.5 inch dipole to exist so ruining you wifi and bluetooth usage. In fact it can be oil and other contamination.

    The strongest RF spikes out of arc welders come either from leads being exactly the right freq. Like 27 Mhz and not all welders will have this. Or the dipole length at start of weld (in wire or rod) at tool end being perfect to generate the freq you don’t want. Both of these drop under the level a near by lightning strike will generate when radio devices is more 50 metres away from welder. Radio gear is rated to take lightning strike noise. Most are not rated to to take arc welder noise from the dipoles that form in general operation.

    Next strongest is the random pot luck arc establishment. This is not the worst worry this is only 5 to 15 metres to get to safe level depending on the welder operator. A trainee screws up starting a weld far worse and is able to creatively generate more freqs because of it.

    Robert what freq AM and FM. If using a rod welder Take length longest welding rod and shortest welding rod you use when fitted and work out freqs as if it a dipole. This tells you where in the radio spectrum you are going to mess with. If you have mig or other feed based be very careful with you tips. And don’t be a penny pincher with the last bit of welding wire off the roll. Yes the mad buggers who joint mig wire to save on costs in their mind (yes it bad for the machine as well every other radio based device near by).

    Yes if your welder is stick based not starting a weld on a stick under 3 of dipole inchs will protect your wifi gear and get the safe range down to 5 to 15 metres dependant on operator. Starting at 4 inchs and burning to zero is fine. Once the plasma of the weld is there you are fine. Its the starting process of a arc welder where its a complete ass and spits out nasty pulses. Robert there is mitigation. Thing is being aware of it. There are a lot of welder operators who are not aware of it. So when setting up industrial setups you give the 50 metres. Wifi can cover 150 without question. So there is no need to place the wifi units in harms way.

  8. oiaohm wrote, “50 metre radius is quite a huge area of coverage bw. That is the destructive circle. So it can be very tricky at times to run a wifi network and have arc welders.”

    My welder is 30 feet from my access point and just a few feet from several wireless devices. Welding is a very high-current and low frequency operation. There is very little RF resulting and it is all at very low frequencies. My leads, for instance are 30 feet long, perhaps 25 MHz resonance and the wifi is at gHz frequencies. When I first started welding we were using AM radio and VHF TV. I never observed any interference and neither did the family or neighbours. I often welded with a radio in operation in the same room and noticed nothing AM or FM.

  9. oiaohm says:

    There are other reasons not to go wireless. Wired keyboards house cats/dogs normally don’t walk off with them and hide them. Wired more drop proof and findable on highly messy desks.

    –What is your story, oiaohm? Don’t you have any body to talk to face to face?–
    bw talking face to face does not get me my required volume of typing. I have dyslexia I am required todo so much to control it.

  10. oiaohm says:

    –I am sure that Pogson does all his welding right next to his computer.–
    This proves you don’t know the topic. bw radio transmissions from arc welding in fact cover quite a bit of range.

    Note I said near areas doing arc welding. Near not next to. 50 metre radius is quite a huge area of coverage bw. That is the destructive circle. So it can be very tricky at times to run a wifi network and have arc welders.

    Due to the spark gap being at start of weld not exactly starting the same every time it spits out different freqs every time you start a weld.

    bw the wireless keyboard and mouse is not the biggest worry from a arc welder. Out to 50 radius metres arc welder can stop some Pacemakers inserted into humans. About the same circle can cause other devices to die.

    bw arc welders + complex electronics with aerials equals trouble and due to the variation in generated freq its the electronic equal to a race condition bug. Arc welders have quite a impressive transmission strength and a massive broad spectrum of effect when starting a weld.

    bw what you are trying to make yourself out as a complete idiot. http://utilite-computer.com/web/support
    utillite computer is fully conforming with source release requirements.

    Yes if it was a case of a company not releasing the sources they altered there would have been a issue. TrimSlice is a from of Linux supply I guess you have never heard of before bw.

  11. bw says:

    near areas doing arc welding

    What is your story, oiaohm? Don’t you have any body to talk to face to face?

    I am sure that Pogson does all his welding right next to his computer.

    Runs on Linux
    Didn’t come with any source, though. Should you notify the Linux police?

  12. matchrocket says:

    I just bought myself a cordless mouse. I’ve nearly discovered it’s fatal flaw several times now. It’s nearly been knocked to the floor without its safety cord to save it.

  13. oiaohm says:

    bw really here is the interesting thing. Wireless keyboard and mice near areas doing arc welding have very short lives. The transmitter/reciever circuits seam to die. There is a interesting reasons to go wired one is arc welders.

    Really bw you are getting more and more incompetent. With roberts like of welding things going wireless might be a bad thing.

    bw really you need to read the specs of that device. One of those HDMI ports is DVI.
    HDMI and DVI has a lot in common. Interesting enough only some monitors are full HDMI supporting. Some video cards have HDMI reason smaller. DIsplay port is also on some same reason.

  14. lpbbear says:

    ” Keyboards (and mice) haven’t used a cable on them since the turn of the century.”

    Not everyone is sold on replacing batteries in their keyboard and mouse….
    (I see the manufacturers are finally making some that are rechargeable but it took years of idiots like you using the non rechargeable pains in the butt before they got there)

    “MagicJack box”

    Runs on Linux! 🙂

  15. bw says:

    should replace Beast’s ancient keyboard with a USB model and the monitor could be improved with HDMI

    USB???!!! Get a clue. Keyboards (and mice) haven’t used a cable on them since the turn of the century. Where have you been? Living in the woods?

    Monitors connect via that little Y-shaped to that white square thing on the back near the USB connectors that go to the printer and MagicJack box. HDMI is used to connect your Blu-Ray and Xbox to your TV.

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