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M$ Is The Biggest Vulnerability In All IT

“What country or non U.S. based big business would feel comfortable with binaries from Oracle or Microsoft running on their iron. Who would want to trust their data to Amazon’s or Google’s clouds when the U.S. has already shown they … Continue reading

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Reflections on FL v Zimmerman

I was very interested in this case because it is a commentary on many things I care about: freedom, ownership of firearms, city-living, which I hate…, and the rule of law. It is very unfortunate that evidence was so sparse … Continue reading

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Yet Another Way To Say Goodbye to Microsoft

For more than a decade I have recommended everyone leave M$ in the dust by installing GNU/Linux on PCs and servers or using thin clients as PCs. I guess I am getting old because the world has moved on to … Continue reading

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The Beast is Back!

Well, a bit of diagnosis by me, the great people at NCIX and Purolator brought me a brand new ATX PSU for Beast, so I can resume normal life… No kidding. I got the thing delivered to my door in … Continue reading

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FLOSS Works. It’s The Right Way To Do IT

There’s a story out of Europe that a bunch of governments are getting together to make their own FLOSS: “The twelve Dutch provinces estimate that since 2009 they have saved 4.5 million euro by working together and by using open … Continue reading

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