FLOSS Will Be the Default Software For Higher Education In France

Finally, a government recognizes the fact that the role of government is to educate youth and not to prop up foreign enterprises such as M$.
“France’s higher education institutes must offer their digital services and learning resource materials primarily as free software, the country’s parliament decided Tuesday afternoon. A new law on higher education and research comes with an article giving priority to free software.”
see French parliament makes free software law for higher education.

It’s a start. I believe all governments should make FLOSS the default software for all operations, not just education. Education is special, however. In education, nearly half the task is to facilitate creating, finding, modifying and presenting information. It used to be that sand on the beach or paper and pencil was the best way to do that but we are long past the point where electronic information processing is the right way to do much of education and everything else. Restricting education to the crippling burdens of ripoff profits and monopolies is insane. So is restricting all governments and businesses to Wintel. That’s the wrong way to do IT.

If you are in a position to need software check out these resources before throwing money at M$ and “partners”:

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. At one point in my career, my resume was 7 pages long. After a while, I decided I could trim it to 3 because no one wanted to read my life-story, just the recent stuff. I never had any employer comment on my resume either way. Most get a few details from the resume and do some rudimentary testing/questioning in an interview. Teaching K-12 could be different because a teaching certificate is supposed to enable a teacher to teach any grade and any subject. In my case, I only applied for a few special kinds of assignments because that’s what I wanted to do. After PCs became common in schools, I always made “computers” my first choice because of the abundance of resources available and the fun I could have playing with toys…

  2. bw says:

    The best way to get hired somewhere is for you to know someone already there who has some respect and influence in the organization. That is generally referred to as “networking”. Failing that, people are hired after being interviewed. They are only interviewed after their resumes are received and reviewed and selected as being a likely candidate. Even a network connection needs a resume to track into the system.

  3. dougman says:

    Worth a read:

    Dropping out of college, worked for Jobs, Gates, Dell and a host of other people becoming rich and well off.

    I would also consider this, your job could be replaced and you tossed out on the street.


  4. bw says:

    Resumes are also worthless, most people lie and over-state themselves

    Are you speaking from your personal experience in writing them? Maybe that’s why you have never been hired by anyone.

    The best way to be a success is to get thrown out of college, get into the workforce, rise as an employee in the workforce, and get a really good job

    Is that your own plan? lol

  5. dougman says:

    bw, if you do not know what CAT 5/6 cable, a wiki or a internet kiosk is, then what are you doing here??

    Resumes are also worthless, most people lie and over-state themselves. The best way to weed out the nincompoops is physically testing their abilities, and with you arguing this point shows you have no understanding whatsoever in this matter.

    I could care less what the New York times states, contrarian people do not follow the social norm. Think of all the drop-outs that actually became rich by starting their own business, going out there in the real-world and kicking-butt!

    Setting in a cube, with a piece of paper hung on the wall may be good enough for you, but spending money on certificates and crap does not cut it.

    Here is a question:

    You have $35K, in a bank account. Would you rather spend it on obtaining useless certifications or would you rather start your own business? I think everyone here will agree on the that latter.

    BW, go see Monsters University.

    Pixar understands what Americans are thinking better than most public opinion poll companies do. They know what sells. Here is what the movie is about. College is a waste of time. The classrooms are boring. People who know anything of value are underrated. The best way to be a success is to get thrown out of college, get into the workforce, rise as an employee in the workforce, and get a really good job.

    The movie basically tells the prospective student that he is better off in the workforce now, and the time and money that he spends going to college are going to be wasted. The system is rigged against the student. The professors are boring. The Greek fraternity system is stupid. Meanwhile, anybody who is productive avoids going to college. He has entered the workforce already.

    The university system is geared to people of mediocre talents, and it is run by people of mediocre talents. It is a gigantic scam, and the sooner that students figure this out, the better it is for their parents financially, and for the students, too.

    – Written from my Samsung Chromebook

  6. bw says:

    Why should someone drop tens of thousands of dollars on a piece of paper, when they could be out working for themselves and making money

    Because they will get it back and more.


    “The number of college-educated workers with jobs has risen by 9.1 percent since the beginning of the recession. Those with a high school diploma and no further education are practically a mirror image, with employment down 9 percent on net. For workers without even a high school diploma, employment levels have fallen 14.1 percent. “

    “In 2012, the typical full-time worker with a bachelor’s degree earned 79 percent more than a similar full-time worker with no more than a high school diploma. For comparison, 20 years earlier the premium was 73 percent, and 30 years earlier it was 48 percent. “

    The best way to hire a person is to pre-qualify their proficiency with your particular technology, by testing their actual abilities

    That sort of statement just shows how little you know of the process. IT people are hired by looking at resumes to see what certifications they claim to have and see which of them meet the requirements for the job being offered. Then candidates with promising qualifications are interviewed by people who are proficient in the technology to see if they appear to be as knowledgeable as they claim. Then one or more are hired in a probationary status and reviewed a few months later to evaluate whether they are doing the job and fitting in. Anyone who is not gets the boot.

    I cannot imagine an IT manager sitting around watching some techie fixing a computer to see if he should be hired. Takes too long to watch and isn’t really part of the job anyway. That’s what the probation period is for.

    Whatinhell is “laying Cat 5/6 cable” or “building a wiki or kiosk” anyway? Where do you get these odd ideas?

    how hard can the tests be if kids are passing

    Why don’t you take one and find out? See if you are up to their level.

  7. dougman says:

    Schools and bw, want you to believe that you need more education because they want your money. That being said, there are many successful people without degrees. There are also many people with degrees who can’t get jobs, so bw’s point is moot.

    Why should someone drop tens of thousands of dollars on a piece of paper, when they could be out working for themselves and making money, its not really hard. This article explains it very well:


    I think bw is a M$ certification trainer and wants people to continue using Windows software, so he can keep feeding from the gravy train.

    You also have to remember that a lot of employers don’t fully understand what we do. The best way to hire a person is to pre-qualify their proficiency with your particular technology, by testing their actual abilities.

    – Provision a machine
    – Install an OS from scratch
    – Replace a hard drive
    – Recover a hard drive
    – Lay Cat 5/6 cable
    – Install a wireless router
    – Build a wiki, kiosk, etc.

    The M$ certificates are worthless, take for example:



    Don’t get me wrong, I applaud their efforts, but how hard can the tests be if kids are passing, can you say “Point-and-Click”?

    See, that’s one of the difference between a Linux admin and a M$ admin. The M$ admin, will ask “Where do I click?”, the Linux admin will just drop a terminal session and enter what needs to be done.

  8. bw says:

    what certifications do you infer? IT or CS??

    Anything at all would be a start. You remain evasive about a high school diploma as well.

    Why do you think that cetifications that show that you have some basic understanding and knowledge about some technical subject implies that you are likely to be a charlatan who “hoses up” and provides an opportunity for some unwashed hero to ride to the rescue? That attitude is so dysfunctional that I doubt that you have any such business at all.

  9. dougman says:

    We are getting off subject here, but what certifications do you infer? IT or CS??

    Besides, why would I want to waste money getting a piece of paper when I ONLY support home users, SOHO and SMBs?

    Fixing computers is a hobby business, it pays me well, it’s fun and I get to goad M$ IT types. It’s great being paid, doing what you enjoy. 🙂

    Here is a listing of the top ten IT certifications, notice who they benefit:

    Also to point out, M$, CISCO, or Apple are not universities they are a technology vendors, and the idea of selling technical certifications is nothing more than a marketing ploy to lock everybody into their product cycles.

    BTW: #6 pays handsomely 😉

    Long time ago, I was doing some consulting and some IDIOT had just finished their M$ certified training for some Windows product and with confidence and certificate in hand, they hosed the settings. I was paid to repair with only practical experience and no M$ certification.

  10. bw says:

    I had a MVP and a M$ Admin laugh at me when I showed them the PI

    Did you notice that they were laughing at you even before you showed them the Pi? lol

    This anecdote just reeks of total fabrication, by the way. Why wait so long to reveal this terrible act? You should spend more time getting some certifications for yourself and less time grumbling about others.

    Remember the immortal bard’s words where Brutus observes:

    “There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, and we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”

    Bill Gates jumped on his boat at just the right time, how about you?

  11. ram says:

    The Shuttle Atom based boxen (at least) have plenty of USB ports for a USB mouse and a USB keyboard. No fans, and they only draw about 12 Watts from a little external wall-wart supply. They run Linux just fine. With 2 cores, 4 threads, and respectible graphics (NVidia or Intel, your choice) they certainly handle any routine Linux desktop task.

  12. dougman says:

    MS trolls rather not anyone diverge away from their beloved software. Do remember, that empowering people in the realm of computers. takes money away from M$ and those that support the Windows hegemony.

    I had a MVP and a M$ Admin laugh at me when I showed them the PI, as typical they said without a quip, “WTF, can you do with that?”

    Few weeks later when they saw the kiosk up and running, they purposely destroyed the board and making it seem like what I had supplied was junk. Need less to say both are out of a job now, and the second PI board has been running for months now 24/7.

  13. bw says:

    Beast belching heat and me typing on my Fujitsu keyboard with a real mouse.

    Can’t be soon enough for me! You only have oiaohm’s bizarre constructions, doughman’s sophomoric anecdotes, and matchrockets snarks to fill in the void. We long for the master’s touch again!

  14. pogson says:

    Yup. A new PSU is in the mail… Operations should be back to normal in a few days, Beast belching heat and me typing on my Fujitsu keyboard with a real mouse.

  15. pogson says:

    Shucks! Beast blew a PSU. I have to choose whether or not to replace it or move my file-system to an Atom-powered system. The big problem is keyboard and mouse. The Atoms are multimedia PCs with wireless keyboards, no mouse and no desk… I guess I will buy a replacement PSU…

  16. Kevin Lynch says:

    Is it just me or are these comments totally out of sync with the article?

    I also find it odd why anybody would scoff at the Raspberry Pi. It is empowering educational establishments to modernise how they teach. Students might not be running around with Pi Tablets. But they can now build distributed computing networks for a few hundred pounds where it used to cost more than a few thousand. Which consigned these subjects to lecture only parts of the curriculum. Even for wealthy universities.

  17. lpbbear says:

    “Do you use a Raspberry Pi yourself? Why not?”

    Why ask the question if you are going to answer it yourself?

    (No need to respond, I get it…. troll.)

  18. dougman says:

    I have two PI’s that I use as a demo for internet kiosks. The cost of the hardware is far cheaper then what M$ sells Windows 8 for.

    Windows is a terrible OS for kiosks, just one big headache, even with its ‘kiosk mode’ enabled. You still have that clunky OS to contend with.

  19. ram says:

    As much as I dislike the French government’s subsidizing French organizations, particularly their international arms dealer Thales, you have to give them credit for supporting their own people.

    The French government is also behind the huge open source scientific computing package Scilab, which again, I have to admit works pretty well. Certainly walks over Matlab (which was payed for by the US taxpayer and then “privatized”). We also note the support of the French government for Linux at CERN. Wish we had something like that in the English speaking world.

  20. bw says:

    I find it strange that M$ trolls scoff at the Raspberry PI, but rather you buy an expensive laptop with expensive M$ software

    Do you use a Raspberry Pi yourself? Why not?

  21. dougman says:

    I find it strange that M$ trolls scoff at the Raspberry PI, but rather you buy an expensive laptop with expensive M$ software, with a useless OS such as Windows Vista, oppps shouldn’t diss Vista. I meant Windows 8.

    Android development is something everyone should be looking at as it is free to learn and the most popular OS on smartphones and tablets these days.


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