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High Prices For IT

M$’s business plan is to tax IT and it has worked for decades. Now, Australians are mad as Hell and tired of taking it: “Windows costing too much? Switch to a free operating system like GNU/Linux or any of the … Continue reading

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M$, Trying To Work For A Living

M$ has been living off its desktop OS and office suite cows for more than a decade. The desktop OS cash cow has dried up considerably. Indeed, “Further down in its 10-K filing, Redmond reports that it upped its sales … Continue reading

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Wintel Going Down The Drain – Shipments of Tablets

Wintel depends on a constantly increasing sale of personal computers using Intel processors and M$’s OS. That’s history, according to Display Search. Shipments of legacy PCs are declining and shipments of tablets are exploding. The power and influence of M$ … Continue reading

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Police In Toronto Are Public Enemy Number One

The shooting of a young man with a knife on the weekend in Toronto just makes me shake my head. Is it possible in 2013, after years of high profile given to “gun-control” that policemen are so out of control? … Continue reading

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Competition and Free Software

Free Software is all about competition. Free Software is software that allows anyone to run, examine, modify, and distribute software A market containing Free Software cannot get any more competitive than that. Anyone can use and produce Free Software. Anyone … Continue reading

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Beggar Varghese

Sam Varghese is a respected commentator on IT but even he begs the question on this one: Sarah: “80 percent of the kernel contributors are paid by companies. So that means that the Linux kernel really has a lot of … Continue reading

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OEMs Are Seeing The Light

“Acer and Asustek have been pushing forward in marketing hardware/software-integrated cloud computing solutions focusing on educational applications and web storage, respectively, according to the companies.” see Acer, Asustek actively marketing cloud computing solutions. For more than a decade, OEMs have … Continue reading

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Small, Cheap, Nearly Perfect Home Server

These days homes may have many client computers. There is a need for small cheap home servers for backup, file-serving, collaboration, etc. “If you’ve got several different computers in need of a consistent and automated backup strategy, the RPi can … Continue reading

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OMG! Now We Have Small Cheap Supercomputer Boards

A shaky start with a Kickstarter project has brought a small cheap supercomputer node to market. Stack them up and you have a lot of computing power in one box… “Olofsson grabbed two 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switches and 42 of … Continue reading

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Government For Which People?

Government is a necessity in the modern world. It provides infrastructure and sets the rules in modern society. When it comes to information technology, governments should use what works for them. Since governments tend to be larger than any business, … Continue reading

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FLOSS Is A Winner For Education

You know how it is. You are part of a large hierarchical organization and some boss sends a memo that makes your day… “In 2010, after being told that the current commercial Student Information System (called BCeSIS) used by 95% … Continue reading

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An Experiment in Linux-land

I keep looking for new uses for GNU/Linux but searching is difficult. There are so many uses and it is hard to pick one out to discuss. For example, today, I typed in “linux” to the Google search window and … Continue reading

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