GNU/Linux Is On The Move Globally

GNU/Linux has been languishing, according to StatCounter, at below 1% share until recently and I thought I would collect data to see how it fared on different continents.
As you can see, the rate of growth of installed base is greatest in North America and Europe and slowest in Africa and Asia. Since the latter two are the very populous we should reflect for a moment to think what could be the reason. That advantages of GNU/Linux should be great for emerging economies not locked in to that other OS, but it seems the illegal copying has given Wintel a very large share at the same time that Android/Linux computers are taking share from Wintel. That is probably swamping the growth of GNU/Linux but GNU/Linux is still growing in share by a good rate. Statcounter may or may not reflect African and Asian markets well and I expect business, governmental and educational use are undercounted everywhere because of the nature of the sites monitored and the activities of folks working in such organizations.

So, we should not weep for GNU/Linux but celebrate the triumph of FLOSS over that other OS which has nowhere to go but down. Positive feedback works both in rising and falling share situations. The more folks see that FLOSS works for them, the more folks will choose FLOSS whether they are OEMs, retailers or consumers.

If you love FLOSS and need some cheer, let’s end with Uruguay, one of the superstars of GNU/Linux:

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  1. oiaohm says:

    Tizen devices will be on the 3g and 4g networks that carriers do provide data on. Same with Ubuntu.

    Linux world worked out a long time ago we could not trust web stats. So you want to be seen work on smart books and the like idea. 3g and 4g network integrated so you are tracked and counted.

    This is the problem for MS Trolls there time of using bogus web number to make arguments is now limited.

    The next generations of LInux Distributions will be very hardware linked. Solving the one problem of Linux being unable to count it properly.

    Sooner the MS Troll wake up there time is numbered using crap stats the better for them.

  2. Maou Sadao wrote, “But what’s so funny about its ubiquitous usage by Linux evangelists is the fact that not even 1% percent of said Linux evangelists would be willing to remove their asses from their fine office chairs and do what Gandhi did.”.

    The problem here is that Maou Sadao refuses to recognize reality when it hits him in the face. */Linux is in use on a lot more than 1% of computers simply because people did get off their butts and free the machines from M$’s clutches. The 1%ers did install GNU/Linux over top of machines that were shipped with that other OS. They did put GNU/Linux on a Hell of a lot of servers. They did write thousands of applications and tweaks to the Linux kernel. They did everything that was necessary to produce a great collection of software and share it widely. Those efforts have paid off now that OEMs, retailers and consumers are now shipping the product in bulk. What M$ did by coercion has now been done by persuasion and everywhere Android/Linux and GNU/Linux are available on new machines. There are still pockets of resistance like retailers where I live but that’s fading with sales of PCs. Retailers just don’t want to stock stuff that gathers dust.

  3. Comscore shows Android/Linux at 52.4% of US smartphone subscribers. Too bad there isn’t data from ISPs on OS used by customers. I’m sure they have that data but I don’t see it published anywhere. Google, too, could help.

  4. oiaohm says:

    Maou Sadao Freedom’s Battle (1922), Gandhi was one of my high-schools English mandatory books to write a book report on. So yes everyone from my class read that one. Its a very good read.

    The interesting point is that Nicholas Klein is quoted in papers of the time of Gandhi short for what Gandhi meant and was for. So the historic stuff up on who the quote is really from is part newspapers fault for poor reporting. History is interesting. Lot of people don’t know the quote is not Gandhi due to the fact the papers in India and else where use Nicholas Kleins words. Slight variations of in fact.

    Yes Gandhi was a trained lawyer. He suffered from using too many words in his answers. Not good for printing presses. Yes long winded answers you complain about me for Gandhi was known for as well.

    Maou Sadao Linux is on the move. The stats used in this article I don’t trust.

    Carrier numbers from Comscore are more interesting. Also the carriers already putting in orders for Tizen devices for the USA. Tizen is Linux Standard Base core. Also happens to be hosted at the Linux Foundation.

    So yes thing are on the move. A standard core distribution front and centre in the Linux world has not happened before.

    Statscounter and others like it are universal lies. NSA does not go to statscounter to find out what people are using. They go bug the carriers to hand over their data.

    Carriers snooping the packets they are transporting can answer far better than any web survey can.

    Really from my point of view everyone need to swap across to using carrier only numbers. Carrier numbers don’t suffer from half the bias problems. Carriers count you no matter what sites you visit.

    Only issue Carriers can have problem with is knowing how many machines are at a particular locations. The can say if an client is mixed absolutely.

    Reality web stats are only useful to know about your clients and their behavours. Market share data only viable source is carriers/ISPs.

    Even so Carriers are showing changes.

  5. Maou Sadao says:

    I don’t think douggieboy is quite intelligent enough to realize that this quote is not by Gandhi. But that’s all right, oiaohm. I bow down before your and his superiority. Now … can you sing for us “Linux is on the move”? Or are you busy doing Google searches to find new “truths” you can use for your ill-fated arguments? Perhaps you can do something useful once in a while and mow Mr. Pogson’s lawn.

  6. oiaohm says:

    Maou Sadao Open Source is tactical. Protests are done by they are targeted. Sometimes to the extra level. One of the protests here is what allows me to write off a full copy of MS Windows todo tax return.

    So Linux people don’t pay have to pay when they use Windows here. The government is paying. This has been done in many other countries.

    Both of the real quotes are from books that are in project Gutenberg. Of course you are not that well read.

  7. oiaohm says:

    Ps the the Gandhi quote is too F huge to quote often.
    In Freedom’s Battle (1922), Gandhi wrote this:
    Unfortunately for His Excellency the movement is likely to grow with ridicule as it is certain to flourish on repression. No vital movement can be killed except by the impatience, ignorance or laziness of its authors. A movement cannot be ‘insane’ that is conducted by men of action as I claim the members of the Non-co-operation Committee are….Ridicule is like repression. Both give place to respect when they fail to produce the intended effect….It will be admitted that non-co-operation has passed the stage ridicule. Whether it will now be met by repression or respect remains to be seen.….But the testing time has now arrived. In a civilized country when ridicule fails to kill a movement it begins to command respect…

  8. oiaohm says:

    Maou Sadao you are correct that quote is not Mahatma Gandhi. 1918 US trade union address by Nicholas Klein is where that quote is from. Dougman did not say it was Gandhi. As normal a MS under educated troll.

    Also Linux supporters have been getting off there chairs for standard conformance. That is another idea of Gandhi focus on what you can change. Like Gandhi protesting by collecting salt and not paying tax. It was something he could do.

  9. Maou Sadao says:

    By the way, can someone else hear in his mind a trashy Eurodance tune with the refrain: “Linux is on the move”? Perhaps douggieboy can conjure up some beats in LMMS or whatever crap is useful for such things on Linux. The lyrics must, of course, be sung by our very own Mr. Pogson. Now let’s sing (4 beats per line):

    Linux is on the move

  10. Maou Sadao says:

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

    I love it when Linux evangelists mistakenly use this quote. Yes, this quote, where it’s not even sure that Gandhi said it. But what’s so funny about its ubiquitous usage by Linux evangelists is the fact that not even 1% percent of said Linux evangelists would be willing to remove their asses from their fine office chairs and do what Gandhi did.

    You won’t win. Because like so many “netizens” you haven’t realized that the game is played in real life.

    Your virtual “protest” is as much worth as hot air.

    “See, we are at the third stage. In time, everyone will embrace Linux, even Microsoft.”

    LOL! Sure, douggieboy. It’s more like you are in the bargaining stage, as described by the five stages of grief:

    “Linux is good enough. Rah-rah-rah.”

    Don’t be afraid, douggieboy. Acceptance will come shortly for you.

  11. oiaohm says:

    bw the thing is to a person like me. Linux presence should have been an abnormality.

    X11 biggest security flawed bit of junk ever invented. This resulted in Admin tools not using it where able. Wayland has been a long time come. Linux always was not going to take off until X11 died was my projection. This has been kinda wrong I never allowed for item like Android. Also at this stage there is more of a effort to make top level ABI that is fully stable.

    SEC reports are also only part of the story bw. Something you miss. Microsoft has been increasing their income per unit solid yet their SEC has not showing this increase. Lot of the cheaper product lines MS has done away with bw.

    So MS SEC numbers combined with price per Unit information on MS products do show a clear issue of lack of growth at Microsoft. It all starts around 2008. Also since then Microsoft has been doing more deferred income shuffling in the SEC reports.

    But I do agree using web stats is not good. Particularly when mapping SEC to MS Unit costs over the same time frame show a clear issue.

  12. dougman says:

    Good thing your mower does not use Windows, your lawn would take ever to cut.

  13. Maou Sadao wrote, “Mow your lawn, Mr. Pogson, while you still can.”

    The new mower and I are getting along quite well. I have one more mow before I do the 5hour break-in oil-change. The lawn has a few rough spots but by the fall it will be pretty smooth. In the third year it will be as perfect as I can make it. We are entering the July period of drought. With a little watering on my part until the middle of August the lawn will cover al its bare spots by winter with a bit of help from me and the fall rains.

    Don’t worry about my lawn unless you want to help with the weeds in the garden. That’s another story. I am seriously considering summer-fallow next year…

  14. dougman says:

    Microsoft is on the down-trend, one can only lock-up the market for so long, same goes for Apple. In the past year alone Apple has lost half-their stock value.

    Patent extortion and suing other companies only works for so long.

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

    See, we are at the third stage. In time, everyone will embrace Linux, even Microsoft

  15. bw says:

    As you can see, the rate of growth of installed base

    Always on about the “rate of growth” rather than the aggregated growth over the decades which is as close to zero as anything else. I don’t see why you fool with these factors anyway. When they are against Linux, as in the comparison between RT and chromebooks, they are dismissed as wildly inaccurate, so it seems a little two-faced to laud them when they seem to show something in your favor.

    Your goal is the demise of Microsoft and its ebb and flow is stated accurately and audited as well every quarter in the form of the SEC reports that show how well their ship is sailing. Why not just focus on these numbers rather than trying to augur up yet another hopeful story from the chicken bones of internet usage?

  16. Maou Sadao says:

    “He is an idiot. Apparently he thinks Mickeysoft will be expanding markets soon, maybe to places like Mars or the rest of the Universe.”

    Who’s Mickeysoft? I thought they were called Disney?

  17. lpbbear says:

    “GNU/Linux! On the move! Globally! Mr. Pogson! Linux! Globally! On the move! FLOSS! Celebration! Uruguay! Africa! Asia! Bunga Bunga!”

    He is an idiot. Apparently he thinks Mickeysoft will be expanding markets soon…..maybe to places like Mars or the rest of the Universe. Not going to happen.

    Mickeysoft has reached its saturation point. The only direction it’s market share has to go is…..down. Doesn’t matter how slowly Linux grabs market share, the fact is the upward trend will continue for Linux and the downward trend will continue for MS. And all the while Android will keep eating the other markets MS had its greedy little heart set on. Too bad soooo not sad.

    Sure, it may take a while. If they keep releasing crap like Windows 8 and the next pig known as Windows 8.1 the trend will accelerate. They can’t avoid the “tarpits of doom”.

  18. Maou Sadao says:

    Matchrocket, you’ve written two sentences. Too bad they make no sense.

  19. matchrocket says:

    Maou, you sound confident. Too bad that’s all you can do.

  20. Maou Sadao says:

    GNU/Linux! On the move! Globally! Mr. Pogson! Linux! Globally! On the move! FLOSS! Celebration! Uruguay! Africa! Asia! Bunga Bunga!

    Buzzword bingo as a result of a brain too old to think.

    Mow your lawn, Mr. Pogson, while you still can.

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