You Know It’s A Brave New World When PC OEMs Strive To Ship */Linux

  • 1995“any significant change to the OPK Requirements such as the HP Pavilion Introduction executing immediately upon power-on would have required a written approval from MS as documented in our companies agreements.
    MS requests that HP a)place the HP Introduction after the first 3 MS required screens (‘User name, EULA, COA) and then be followed by the Windows 95 Welcome Screen and b) return the MSN Icon to the Windows 95 desktop as soon as possible.”
  • 2013“Asustek Computer has announced a partnership with Taiwan-based IT channel retail chain Tsann Kuen and set up product experience centers at 60 of Tsann Kuen’s stores in Taiwan, aiming to boost its share in Taiwan’s Android-based tablet market to 40% by the end of 2013.”
  • What a difference 18 years makes. Then, M$ was able to dictate everything down to the location of icons to OEMs. Now, OEMs are promoting other operating systems without deference to M$ at all. The retail chain in Taiwan involved with ASUS has been around since 1978. They have actual shelves and are not shy to promote products. They are not shy to sell no-OS desktop PCs

“Asustek hopes its MeMO Pad HD 7 and the second-generation Nexus 7 can together contribute about 5.5 million units and help it to achieve its 12 million unit shipment goal for 2013”
see Taiwan market: Asustek launches MeMO Pad HD 7

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  1. oiaohm says:

    bw the carriers providing the Internet by 3g to Android and ipad devices directly know exactly what they are upto. Comscore Stats go and collects the data from Carriers on Phone network connected devices. This is what ruins using Netmarketshare stats. Comscore has what are the most popular sites of mobile devices from carriers. This also show clear differences in usage based on OS.

    The problem here as well people do buy ipads for their children to use off line. Your non online usage is not just Android issue.

    bw your problem is your think is wrong. Number of hours on line and number of devices measured by carriers is higher for Android tablet than ipad. That of course does not say there are not many of them not on the Internet at all. But it does clearly say Android should be well ahead of iOS devices in webstats if webstats were not bias.

    Your thinks bw are based on no real data collection. Problem here my idea of Android usage and how it should appear on web is based on real world highly correct collection from carriers. Next problem if one area in wrong in a stat group you have to presume the complete lot is due to the same reason.

    bw Windows RT Zdnet praised at first. But its was a case that they could not keep on backing Windows RT because it would ruin creditability. Zdnet also was the one pushing Windows 8 is fine as long as you install 3d party problem. Reality bw Zdnet is not that much of above board press.

    bw what percentages of your over all devices is Android. Remember tizen like devices are more able than an normal Android device.

    This is good enough line factor. This is closing in fast. Yes Windows 8 RT is bundled with MS Office part because that is what tizen and ubuntu will have Libreoffice out box. Yes with the share-point compatibility that a Windows RT device does not have.

    MS fairly much kissed of death Windows RT with some of the selections they did.

  2. dougman says:

    bw, states “I do not think… ” Of course you don’t, you let other people do that part for you.

    Nope, no bias whatsoever at ZDnet.

  3. bw says:

    of course these people will talk-down ANYTHING outside of Windows

    That’s called paranoia and there may be some help for you, but you will have to do some work yourself. The various bloggers around all have opinions. You would be far more useful if you could counter their logic rather than just venting your stupid biases. I don’t think that these people are all that biased against Linux or chromebooks or anything else. They knocked RT, too, if you can read.

  4. dougman says:

    “I have 4 Android devices”…

    bw, is a ‘closet’ Linux user.

    HP is releasing a few new Android devices come August.

    The new Samsung Androids are looking good too.

    OEM’s are coming to the realization that they cannot ignore Android anymore, and the fact that M$ Win8 truly isn’t THAT great.

  5. dougman says:

    As with any article on the web these days, you have THE story, then you must look behind paper for the REAL story.

    Take for example, the ZDnet article bw mentions. The author, one Matt Baxter-Reynolds, is a software developer. What software you ask?

    See for yourself:

    And, yes before you ask, it IS the same person, check out the twitter account “mbrit”

    People that compose ‘glorious’ pieces regarding Windows 8, their devices or software, typically earn a living from M$ or from Windows.

    Ed Bott, is the same as well. ” …author of more than 25 books on Microsoft Windows and Office, including Windows 7 Inside Out (2009) and Office 2013 Inside Out (2013).”

    So of course these people will talk-down ANYTHING outside of Windows. Its akin to a GM mechanic saying that Toyota’s are worthless junk, they are not selling really well and do yourself a favor and ignore all the cars you see on the road, their junk.

    ZDNet’s sponsor Microsoft has essentially managed to turn this tabloid into its de facto fan press, promoting Microsoft, demonising Microsoft’s rivals, and pretending to be a news outlet by withholding disclosures.

    Journalism, as per its definition, is dead or dying. It rarely pays to tell the truth. In the age of public relations and perception management we have descended to a state of turmoil where people who ‘report’ are just trying sell us something, usually a brand or an ideology.

  6. bw says:

    leaning on facts not in evidence

    I don’t know that there are any metrics anywhere on this. What I was saying is that I have 4 Android devices of my own and they almost never register anywhere on the internet. That sort of usage, I think, is common and thus explains why the Android stuff does not show up on web stats more than it does, given the belief that there are as many Android devices in the world as PCs these days.

    You can’t accept that as a rational explanation, apparently, and want to insist that everyone is using the heck out of these devices in order to spite Microsoft. That is silly. I quoted a more or less legitimate blogger below who had a similar explanation for the reason why these things aren’t more prominent in statistics collections. I’ll repeat it for you here:

  7. bw recited, ““The Chromebook standard failed to capture traction at launch.””

    That’s history. Chromebooks were introduced years ago tentatively. They have been well received since and production is ramping up. Initial response may have delayed adoption but definitely has not killed Chromebooks off. They are doing well today. There are some estimates of shipments such as “somewhere between 156,000 and 260,000 Chromebooks are shipped every quarter”. see Google Triples Chromebook Retail Presence

    That may be nothing to bw but a lot of nothings add up to something. Choice in the market means the share that Wintel gets grows smaller.

  8. bw, leaning on facts not in evidence, wrote, “what about the notion that the Android tablets are mainly being used for games?”

    Why would anyone restrict themselves to playing games when huge databases of information, many thousands of useful/helpful/enjoyable sites, beautiful images and sounds, news, sports and politics are available using the same tool? Of course children play. That’s a natural part of life and learning but fewer grown-ups play and a lot of grown-ups do buy tablets for their own use. Wintel used to be said to be essential because people played games. Now the trolls claim Android/Linux is essential because people play games. I guess when the ship is sinking rational thought disappears first.

  9. oiaohm says:

    bw carriers also tell you the top visited sites. The top one is Google Maps for Android devices. The answer is not games its navigation, Next is price compare. Worse by the fact that is a site that most common chosen webstats see nothing.

    Games is ipad/iphone number 1 Internet usage. Yes you need to get some of the carrier numbers and data and start reading them bw. Your presumes are not even in the ball park for what the carriers tell you.

  10. bw says:

    Yes the room full of yes men problem

    Facts are a problem, no doubt. But what about the notion that the Android tablets are mainly being used for games? It may be that, with iPads costing 5 to 10 times as much as Android tablets, people do use them for more tasks simply to justify the purchase price and they don’t feel bad using an Android tablet for games since it is cheaper than a Nintendo portable and does a better job?

  11. oiaohm says:

    bw by the way. Carriers can even tell you what the adverage connection item and web usage of ipads and android tablets are. In fact Android tablets have more hours on line doing web stuff. Yet there is a what the..

    How come ipad and iphone cook the books. third part web stat collection engines are in the apple application store for iOS devices. Same problem with Windows RT vs Chromebooks.

  12. oiaohm says:

    bw a universal hint with zdnet that a story is baseless fud and they have worked it out is the when you see zdnet reporters not doing counter arguing stories for different ideas based on the seen data.

    Yes the room full of yes men problem bw. Its a large hint to a problem. This case the collection method is flawed to give anything more than a extremely wild guess.

  13. oiaohm says:

    bw he is another one quoting netmarketshare numbers that are doa.

    Its also normal Zdnet fud building. Get many of there reporters(so called) to write puff pieces to make the story look solid when its completely baseless crap.

  14. oiaohm says:

    bw and as you answered its usage pattern.

    Chromebook user and Windows RT user. Sites visited by default are different. Netmarketshare sites are bias in Windows RT favour. This is the problem with all web stats they are so simple to be bias completely.

  15. oiaohm says:

    –They are not in the least suspect.–
    bw you are a troll Netmarketshare numbers are suspect. Like we know how many real Android devices and iphone devices are connected to carriers. We know Netmarketshare numbers don’t line up.

    Its a dead collection method. Simple bw when someone is using a dead collection system to try to argue some ratio compare between OS’s when you know with iOS devices and Android devices the recorded ratio does not match connected. You are so screwed it not funny bw.

    The problem here Android tablets are also to access the web. Ipad vs Android tablets. is where the first problem shows up bw.

    You need carrier numbers. Numbers that are not effected by sites people visit. Different OS user will visit different sites. This is why web stats fall apart completley for comparing OS’s.

    By the way Netmarketstats collects zero data from google. Where are Chrome-books designed to go first bw. Google.

    Interesting enough Windows RT default site has Netmarketstats collection item in it.

    So Windows RT should be way higher than Chromebooks if you use that number because the default causes Windows RT to be counted where the default on chromebooks causes it not to be counted.

  16. bw says:

    We know this is not true with Android so why would Chromebooks be any different??? Really answer why.

    I think my own experience is probably typical. I have, I think, 4 Android devices of my own. I have 2 Kindles, one B&W and one color, a Nook B&W reader, and an Android tablet that I bought on-line for $79 on a closeout from one of the surplus places. It has Android 4.0 which they cutely refer to as “Ice Cream Sandwich”. That sort of shows the lack of seriousness that even Google brings to the party.

    Anyway, the Nook and the original Kindle are loaded with books that are read mostly outdoors at the beach or by the pool or on a cruise. I use the Kindle and my wife uses the Nook. The color Kindle has some books loaded, but it is mainly used by my wife for games such as Candy Crush or Angry Birds. The Android 7″ tablet was used, by me, to see what it could do, which was email and a variety of other things like web browsing. It was terrible at web browsing with the small screen. I suppose kids would love Facebook and Twitter on something like that if they didn’t have an iPhone, but most seem to have iPhones.

    So the Android tablet was loaded with Candy Crush, too, and given to a grandchild who now uses it for that and a number of other games that he has downloaded from Google. Most are free.

    So to get to the point, which is the reason why Android devices do not show up in these web stats, it is because they are not really used for web access. They are used to read books and play games, neither of which show up on the stats counters.

  17. bw says:

    We know how suspect those numbers are as well

    They are not in the least suspect. They don’t agree with the Linux fan’s hopes and prayers, but then that is not the fault of the statistics, rather that is the state of denial characteristic of the Linux fan who then asserts that the metric is invalid.

    Whenever one suggests that Linux retail sales are low, you present some “proof”, often in Chinese or Korean language, saying that Linux is on the uptake in Asia or Africa or the rainforests of South America or anywhere that most people do not go to buy a PC. I find it hard to imagine how you cannot see how pathetic your arguments are.

    The whole purpose of these web based products is to access the web, yet you claim that their poor showing on web site accesses is not indicative of their popularity. You need to find a more promising crusade to waste your time upon. The Linux dog cannot hunt, as we sales guys say.

  18. oiaohm says:

    bw this is why idiots google. You have chosen a web stat.

    There is something important you have missed. Windows RT devices cannot be converted to a different OS. Chromebook devices can be. This is problem 1.

    Your link is netmarketshare data. We know how suspect those numbers are as well bw. Like Chromebook users will not be searching for Windows software so avoid some of NetMarketShare data collection.

    There are way more chromebook devices being directly recorded as sold than Windows RT devices. So all those numbers ask what is happening to them so they are not turning up.

    Reality bw you can very quickly make a large list of trolls who don’t know the topic who some how believe that netmarketshare numbers some how have to match up to reality. We know this is not true with Android so why would Chromebooks be any different??? Really answer why.

    Bw if you want to quote stupid links about time you back it up. Bolt and zdnet used Netmarketshare. Complete crap number to make a point and a pack of stupid morons followed him.

  19. bw says:

    Current volume is quite respectable

    Is it? You are well-known for pulling things out of thin air and I think this is probably just another example of your fanciful thinking. If you search for RT vs chromebooks, you get, as Google’s top pick, this page:

    If the chromebooks cannot even outdo RT, whatever is matchbook going to do? Perhaps, like the famed Rumplestiltskin, he can stamp his foot so hard into the ground that he creates a great chasm and falls into it, never to be seen again. Think about it.

  20. oiaohm says:

    bw Failed to capture traction at Launch describes Windows XP as well. Sorry not all devices at first release are hot sales.

    Chromebooks sales have been increasing.

    Lack of sales volume you were not exact that you were refering only to early release stage of Chrome-books. Current volume is quite respectable.

  21. bw says:

    So, one wonders what bw is going on about…

    I guess you would have to read what I wrote in order to find out. If I was not real clear, consider the recent Gartner cite you published where it says “The Chromebook standard failed to capture traction at launch.”. That would be the first clue. And the notion that chromebooks are useful as thin clients has little to do with what some co-ed might need to read the DOC file that the professor put up for preparation study.

  22. bw wrote, “lack of sales volume of chromebooks.”

    IDC: “9. Thin Clients Will Grow to Represent >15% of the Enterprise Client Market, with Media Tablets, Chromebooks, and Other Devices Increasingly Being Deployed as Terminals”

    Gartner: “The Chromebook standard failed to capture traction at launch, but we are starting to see more interest from consumer, business and education markets. Chromebook vendors like Acer, HP, Lenovo and Samsung should target buyers looking for low-cost, Web-based devices or an alternative to Windows 8.

    So, one wonders what bw is going on about…

  23. dougman says:

    Oh, a friend told you all those things and so their word is YOUR evidence that you know what you are talking about? LOL…..

    “M$ Windows is mandatory” oh sure it is. Let me correct that statement for you, here goes. “It is mandatory that you will be thoroughly frustrated using Windows. Frustrated with the malware, frustrated by untimely re-boots, long restarts and all the other nuances that PC uses talk about under their breath.”

    Chromebooks, are a solution to all the insidious frustrations that Windows users have endured with over the past 20-years. Sorry, if you fail to realize this, change is good, change is always better, enjoy the change.

    Do a search on ‘Chromebook Roll-Outs” you’ll find a bunch of schools offering them for use in the classroom.

  24. oiaohm says:

    bw does not change the fact Chromebooks are just part of the shelf displacement. They will not be the last. Tizen devices are coming as well.

  25. bw says:

    Absolute crap

    Perhaps it is, perhaps your school is an exception, who knows what goes on in the territories, eh? But at the end of the day, it is an effective bit of crap that is severely restricting the attractiveness of the chromebooks at Best Buy as related by my friend. If you google about, you can find articles about the lack of sales volume of chromebooks. Rail all you want, but those seem to be the facts.

  26. bw wrote, “a Windows laptop is mandatory at universities.”

    Absolute crap. A university is by its nature accepting of diversity. My local university accepts anything that can do the standard protocols including various Unixes, GNU/Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android/Linux and a few others. They are not locked into M$ by any means. Different departments and different individuals have different preferences. The only problems I have heard of are a few professors forget to make stuff available in PDF etc. so that all platforms can be used. When I took a course by correspondence about a decade ago, the university stated that M$ was a requirement but I was able to do more than the curriculum required by using GNU/Linux. No one objected to my setting up a real physical webserver instead of running some silly .exe faking out a website and browser.

  27. oiaohm says:

    bw you have forgot something basic. Stores have limited floor space. Nexus when it was a new model got some nice big displays this is correct. There is increasing floor space being given to Android devices. Something has to give up its floor space to make room.

    bw the destabilisation has not ended.

  28. matchrocket says:

    bw whistling in the dark wrote: “and nowhere near where I shop, so who cares?” and “Google chromebooks are not very hot sellers there either.”

    “So who cares?” Are you trying to say if you don’t care, no one cares? Can we add fat head to bigot as one of your traits?

    Gee bw, WalMart, Staples, Office Depot and Fry’s just signed up for “not very hot sellers”. I guess they don’t have Microsoft trolls in there sales divisions.

  29. bw says:

    This is a tenuous stretch of the imagination even by your standards. All that Chinese text may say something profound, but you can’t read it and neither can I. In any case, the locations are in Taiwan (I guess) and nowhere near where I shop, so who cares?

    One thing that I saw as interesting that you omitted from your cite was the bit before the part you highlighted:

    Asustek shipped 6.3 million tablets in 2012 with the first-generation Nexus 7 contributing most of the volume. The company shipped about three million units in the first quarter of 2013 and may only ship 2-2.3 million units in the second quarter.

    I noticed a similar thing where the big stores like Best Buy had prominent displays of Nexus when it was introduced that disappeared after a month or so and the Nexus was just an also-ran on the table displays. Google chromebooks are not very hot sellers there either, says a friend that works there. The buzz is that the college kids have found them to be ineffective and that a Windows laptop is mandatory at universities.

  30. Maou Sadao says:

    Another nonsensical conclusion by a distraught Mr. Pogson who wants to score some points by slipping a Huxley allusion into his headline.

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