GNU/Linux (Tizen) Tablet

There’s no reason that GNU/Linux cannot serve well on tablets. It’s a universal OS.
“Japanese firm Systena Corp. announced the first Tizen-based tablet, which also appears to be the first Tizen product of any kind. The unnamed Systena Tizen tablet offers high-end features including a 1.4GHz, quad-core Cortex-A9 system-on-chip, 2GB of RAM, and a 10.1-inch, 1920 x 1200-pixel display.”

see World's first Tizen tablet?.

Whether GNU/Linux can make a dent in the tablet market under the wildly successful Android/Linux showing is doubtful but in the harshly competitive market manufacturers will use GNU/Linux to distinguish themselves and leverage the huge resources of FLOSS to demonstrate better price/performance. FLOSS against FLOSS may not offer much price advantage but GNU/Linux running natively may have some advantage in performance. Whether touch-lovers will notice remains to be seen. I expect that users will love the better multi-tasking performance of GNU/Linux and grow to appreciate that tablets can do more than show pictures.

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7 Responses to GNU/Linux (Tizen) Tablet

  1. oiaohm says:

    Maou Sadao sorry Windows 8 cannot save that thing. Windows 8 RT not compatible with the soc chip in that device. This is a big problem even if hardware makers wanted to ship Windows 8 RT devices there is a simple problem of no decent priced SOC chips that support it. Yes a few people complain about Linux massive arch support as lack of focus. Times like this its great.

    Tizen can still run all Android applications.

    Tizen does come with the means to run Libreoffice as well as many other normal Linux applications native. So little more functional than Android tablet.

  2. Maou Sadao says:

    Only Windows 8 can save this thing. Why would you bother buying such a thing and use a 3rd-rate OS like Tizen? The mind boggles.

  3. dougman says:

    Nothing screams DESPERATION like a good ol’ fashioned (HP style) FIRE SALE.

    Guess how those schools are going feel when Microsoft stops sales and support of RT???

    Remember the 500 lost souls who fell for the Kin? Or the 75 who got saddled with a Zune?

  4. dougman says:

    I like to see more tablets with an e-ink display, some of the newer displays I have seen are amazing.

    With the Amazon purchase, I expect the Kindle tablets to move in this direction.

    M$, instead of innovating, they spend money acquiring businesses only to see them fail.,2817,2385155,00.asp

  5. matchrocket says:

    Microsoft has 4 million Surface/RT tablets rotting in a warehouse somewhere. They’re not getting any younger. Every day that goes by makes them a little more obsolete. Microsoft is trying to offer them to schools at below cost. Don’t know how that’s going down. Microsoft is in squirm mode. Pretty soon they will be in panic mode, at least with those tablets. Someone suggested making a statue of Steve Ballmer out of them. What a fitting tribute.

  6. oiaohm says:

    Compared to what is coming that tablet is a toy.

    The arm 64 bit chips that are coming. Require less silicon than A9 Consume less power and run at faster bench speed and clock speeds.

    2014 is looking extremely interesting.

  7. matchrocket says:

    That tablet looks like a real ass kicker. Further reading of that article reveals more cracks in Wintel. And those cracks are starting to merge. The fall of Microsoft is accelerating. I wouldn’t doubt if someone is already writing “The Rise and Fall of Microsoft”.

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