Italian City Of Genoa Makes FLOSS The Default Choice

‘The Municipality will favour the use of free software or open source, wherever possible"’

see Italian Genoa to use open source 'wherever possible'.

That’s a step forward. FLOSS is the right way to do IT because it puts the organization using it in control of the software not the reverse. That reduces cost and increases flexibility because FLOSS licences permit use, examination, modification and distribution just what an organization needs of its software.

In addition to the usual things, Genoa plans to reduce costs and increase service by repurposing older PCs to simpler tasks like kiosks. No need to worry about user-counts, label-counts or phoning home to M$. Just use the hardware any way the owner wants to use it.

This is what I recommended for the Canadian government when they asked for comments on using FLOSS a couple of years back. It was the right thing to do then as it is now. My nearest city, Winnipeg is about the same size as Genoa and could well do the same thing to save tax dollars…

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