IDC On Thin Clients

“Thin Clients make up the vast majority (96%) of enterprise client devices.”

see IDC Expects Continued Growth for Thin Clients Across All Form Factors, Unlike Current Trends in the PC Market

I didn’t know that… However it makes sense. Even though the world only ships a few million thin clients per annum, they last two or three times longer than thick clients with all their moving parts. So, a small market share for many years becomes a large installed base.

“Thin Clients without operating systems (zero clients) hold 24% share among the thin client segment. Linux-based thin clients are slightly larger at 25%.”

Since a lot of thin clients run GNU/Linux this is an even larger share of clients in business for GNU/Linux but alas many still connect to M$’s terminal servers… Still it’s a huge error in the idea of web stats. A client OS that could be GNU/Linux is showing a User-agent string from that other OS. 🙁 Businesses would make much better use of thin clients with GNU/Linux on those terminal servers.

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  1. dougman says:

    Chromebooks make awesome thin clients. I use the Chrome RDP app from FusionLabs.

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