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Shipments of GNU/Linux PCs in India

If we suppose for a moment that Statcounter’s data, above, represents share of installed base of PCs, you can see a steady growth of share at the same time that India as an emerging economy is ramping up numbers of … Continue reading

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Ford: “Let me charge what I want for the parts…” Applies to Smartphones

Henry Ford is supposed to have claimed he would give away cars for $0 if he could charge what he wanted for parts. Well, the smartphone is the new car.“Taiwan-based handset component makers indicated that they have received increasing orders … Continue reading

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Reality Check: Success of GNU/Linux

Brian Proffitt: “by any reasonable measure, Linux on the desktop has yet to capture a significant market share of the desktop and portable PC platform.” see Reality Check: Defining The True Success of Linux. That’s nonsense. This is my comment … Continue reading

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Google Pumps The Retail Channel For Chromebooks

“June 18, 2013, 3:07 AM — Google’s Chromebook laptop will be carried by over 6,600 stores around the world, as the company signs on more retailers. Starting Monday, Walmart is offering an Acer Chromebook, which has a 16GB Solid State … Continue reading

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AMD Plans To Compete On Price/Performance In Servery

I pretty well wrote off AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) when they utterly failed to develop an ARMed CPU many years ago for the thin client and mobile markets but there’s still some hope. In their latest roadmap, there’s an ARMed … Continue reading

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