2009: “IDC research finds that Linux users are clearly satisfied about their choice to deploy Linux”

“While Linux client operating systems have been the shining hope of opportunity for Linux for much of the past decade, Linux has failed to successfully capture a substantial share of traditional client deployments. However, the emergence of small portable form factors (commonly referred to as netbooks), the growing catalog of Web-based applications, the shift of growth opportunities away from mature markets to emerging geographies, OEMs increasingly preloading Linux on devices, and the continued antipiracy efforts by Microsoft help create a more favorable climate for Linux.

IDC found that 53% of respondents are planning to increase adoption of Linux on the server and 48% are planning to increase adoption of Linux on the client as a direct result of the economic climate. While end-user projections can be overly optimistic, the direction and intent noted here are strong indicators that these users believe that Linux is a key part of their IT deployments moving forward. “

see Linux Adoption in a Global Recession

It’s definitely happening on small mobile devices, but how about the thick clients and thin clients on desks of business, schools and governments?

According to StatCounter, it’s been a slow processs but recently it has accelerated:

The question arises, “What’s changed?”. It seems the pattern has changed from linear to exponential growth. Is it the seriousness of Canonical to push GNU/Linux on desktops? Is it disgust with “8”? Is it a change in the willingness of OEMs and retailers to sell GNU/Linux? Is it all of these? I think it is the latter. M$ wastes no opportunity to promote itself legally or not and GNU/Linux needs everything going for it to succeed.

Further, why are we seeing this in USA but not everywhere? Is the economic slowdown more pronounced in USA? Is the USA a “leading indicator”? USA has been on the one hand a bastion of M$’s power but on the other, a lot of contributions to GNU/Linux come from USA. It’s a kind of dual personality. This phenomenon could be the result of a wave of retirements of the “old guard” who found M$ acceptable and an ascendance of a “new guard” more willing to change. Indeed, consumers who find Android/Linux comfortable on small cheap computers may well find GNU/Linux comfortable on desks. After all, it’s a GUI and it works.

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