New Mower And Old Man

We took possession of a new Ariens lawn tractor yesterday. The little woman actually made the deal and drove the truck here to deliver the monster. Wow. Great price. Power. Cuts like a dream. I love the little woman.

Our particular machine has these specs:

  • 42 inch mowing deck
  • Briggs and Stratton 19.5HP 4-cycle gasoline engine
  • 6-speed transmission (not “shift on the go”)
  • headlights!
  • 16 inch turning radius!
  • top speed 5.5 mph/8.8 km/h (I wanted to drive the thing home but the little woman forbade it and Home Depot provided the truck)

There’s even a GNU/Linux connection. Ariens uses a lot of GNU/Linux on the back end
“Apache, Samba, Open LDAP, Software RAID/High availability file systems, IMAP, Postfix, Bind/DNS;”

My initial experiences with the new orange monster were terrifying. The clutch is somewhat “grabby” and I had the front wheels lift off the ground a couple of times… It turns out the trick is not to let the left leg/foot rest on the clutch/brake pedal whereupon takeoff pulls the pedal away from the leg, “popping” the clutch… One has to make sure the heel at least is in contact with the tractor so that the foot accelerates with the tractor. Did I mention acceleration? Whiplash.

I can instantly see that the old machine was loose in every joint. The new mower-deck stays quite level and makes a clean cut, flat as a table-top. Turning is exceptionally crisp whereas the old machine was very loose. The Ariens can turn on a dime too. It will make mowing a pleasure. With 50% more power it will save 20 minutes of my life every week. I like that.

The old mower will rest in peace. It did the job when my lot was mostly weeds and took no end of abuse bumping around. I even mowed the weeds on those berms… The new machine will not go near them. Last year I seeded the first grass. This year the quack grass is almost gone thanks to the old mower. The new one, which can cut even closer will eliminate all quackgrass except on edges. The cut extends outside the wheels so I can avoid a lot of use of the string trimmers. Great.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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4 Responses to New Mower And Old Man

  1. Sarah Pee wrote, “make sure you ice that lest let the stiffness gets you next morning!”

    Strangely, I get stiff in the evening but feel young again in the AM. I am sure there is a diagnosis for that, like “old age”.

  2. Sarah Pee says:

    Congratulations on the new acquisition! Happy Father Day/Times, Mr. Pogson. & lol@ whiplash, make sure you ice that lest let the stiffness gets you next morning!

  3. matchrocket wrote, “Hope the new one holds up as good as it looks.”

    The old one certainly was heavier. This one has about twice the power/weight ratio: 19.5HP/385# = 0.0388 versus 12HP/600# = 0.02. It feels like a fighter-jet compared to a Piper-Cub. I have only the steering wheel holding me in place…

  4. matchrocket says:

    The old one didn’t owe you anything. Hope the new one holds up as good as it looks.

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