Another Chink In The Wall Of Software Patents

“On Friday the 7th of June the German Parliament decided upon a joint motion to limit software patents (see English translation by BIKT). The Parliament urges the German Government to take steps to limit the granting of patents on computer programs. Software should exclusively be covered by copyright, and the rights of the copyright holders should not be devalued by third parties’ software patents.  The only exception where patents should be allowed are computer programs which replace a mechanical or electromagnetic component. In addition the Parliament made clear that governmental actions related to patents must never interfere with the legality of distributing Free Software.”
see German Parliament tells government to strictly limit patents on software

With USA’s Supremes soon to revisit software patents, this should indicate a cure for this cancer and further freedom from the tyranny of M$ and Apple restricting competition in the markets of IT.

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  1. bw says:

    I think, on balance, Microsoft and maybe Apple, too, are more helped than hindered by the disappearance of software related patents. Certainly Microsoft has paid much more in royalties than they have received in this regard. Further, Microsoft has the clout in terms of brand recognition to start later in the game and become a market force. This tactic is restricted by IP laws that give first inventor protection to smaller companies that cannot evolve fast enough to stay with the market. You might note that Microsoft has been in the forefront of advocates for software patent reform in the USA.

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