AMD: “we also see a market for Android and Chrome developing”

“AMD, the chip maker which was making chips exclusively for Microsoft’s Windows platform is now considering designing chips for Google’s open source Android and Chrome OS.”
see AMD also walks out of Microsoft camp, to design chips for Android, Chrome OS | Muktware

Of course, it’s silly to consider that a chip-maker “makes a CPU for an OS”. They don’t. What they may do is make a change of add a feature at the request of organizations like M$ who are intent on excluding competition by shipping a bundled OS that can make use of some feature of a chip that others without a “sweet deal” cannot.

2013 may be a turning point for AMD but Intel has been chewing away at working with Linux for years. AMD is behind the curve and trying to catch up. Being smaller than Intel, they may be able to turn quicker but it may also be too late. Intel’s drivers and Atoms are out there and working with Linux. When mobility took off years ago, AMD ignored that to its peril. Now they are reaping the result of that choice in lost share. If it weren’t for the desperate need for competition in hardware, I would say “To Hell with them!”. Further, we have ARM doing a good job these days. AMD will have to do something brilliant to compete. I think the smartest thing for them would be to bring out an ARMed SoC the same way that Nvidia, Texas Instruments and the others do. That would speed their entry to the market and they might be able to compete much sooner than reinventing the wheel.

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  1. ram says:

    It is probably too late for AMD. Their debt is approximately equal to their capitalization. They had some excellent opportunities to support Linux and be in turn supported by big Linux cluster users but they sacked the VP responsible for that initiative and bet on Microsoft gaming. Well, it is close to game over for them.

    P.S. It is STILL not possible to purchase a new AMD processor motherboard with one (or more) of their recent processors that runs Linux. Till then, there will be no Linux market penetration. This is in direct contrast to Intel which will even sell boards, indeed complete systems, directly.

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